Password Store usage in HTTP Check Headers


I would like to use the password store to hold an API key, but I can only see it can be used in the authorization settings for the HTTP Check.

I would like the replace PasswordHere with the value from the password store, so when the service is looked at in checkmk you don’t see the API Key when looking at “Service check command”


Is there a way of doing this or a feature request?

It would be a feature request. Another way might be to run check_http* locally on the monitored server itself as a local check, then the key only exists on the server being monitored.

  • nagios-plugins-http package on Redhat-based servers, monitoring-plugins-basic package on Debian-based servers.

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The API I’m checking isn’t on my server, but I want to monitor it.

@FingerlessGloves you might check this cURL agent plugin.
It the option you are looking for. It is not an active heck like check_http, but an agent plugin.



“Monitor URLs from the perspective of your monitored hosts, not the monitoring server” this means the server running the API does the check, as I said before I do not administer the server but I will want to check if the API is up for my own monitoring purposes.

Or do you mean monitor it from the server consuming the remote API?

Yes, that’s what I mean.