Performance Issue with dashboard/view display as normal monitoring user

Hi all,

maybe someone has an advice how to get rid of the following problem:
I have created a custom dashboard as an admin user with a view where I use, beside some other filters, the filter to only display services that are in a specific wato folder and that are not in service group xyz. I made this dashboard available to other users.
Another user now with normal monitoring user role (just to minor modifications) now opens the dashboard and have to wait 10-20 seconds until the services appears in this view. I have to wait about 1-2 seconds until they appear.
Now we found out that when he clones the dashboard, edit the view and removes the filter with the service groups, the services appear nearly instantly. When giving him the guest role to see all hosts, the dashboard with the service group filter also works perfectly.
He can see and is contact for all hosts in the WATO folder mentioned above.

Does someone have an idea what the problem could be or where to search for the problem?
P.S.: Version cee 2.0.0p12

Thanks in advance!


uhh wow - need to check this my self as we create dozens of views and dashboards and that would be a huge impact