Periodic service discovery - removing vanished services


if I’m using Periodic service discovery rule and use the option to not just add but also remove vanished services than I think the services should be removed only if the Check_MK service is okay.

We had cases when monitored server was unreachable or agent did not work and for that reason all services were removed from monitoring. Ofcourse, when the agent was up again, the services were added back again but meanwhile (if i.e., the Check_MK Inventory is done every 12 hours) we did not have service monitoring.

It would be also nice to be able to select which type of service states are considered to be removed - warn, crit, unknown and also how many time should passed before they are removed.

I’m monitoring large network infrastructure and I want to remove all unknown interface services (beeing unconfigured on network devices) and all critical interface services (beeing down for more than one week).
I’m currently solving this problem with daily-running script where I parse file and remove all unknown and critical services that are more than X day old.