Please vote: The Slack channel


one question to the CMK team: I am sure you already got the request to launch a Slack channel from somewhere else (if not - I do hereby :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Is there already a decision for/against?

The Robot Framework team for example runs a Slack channel side by side of a discourse forum and it works pretty well. New forum threads are automatically announced by a bot in Slack to raise the attention of everybody.

I think it could be a great supplement, especially for tiny questions, relaxed chats etc…

(Just remembered that you ran a Slack channel for the CMK conference '20 - still alive…?)


Hi Simon,

it might be something, which we will actively introduce over time. Before we launched the forum, we looked at the various synchronous communication methods (Discord, Mattermost, RocketChat, Slack, …) and also looked at how they are used by other communities.

To be honest, I was shocked when I saw the tone of voice in some of them being pretty harsh and unfriendly. I don’t see the risk of such behavior in our community fortunately. But most “live interaction” requires some form of moderation, so things do not escalate.

We might experiment with it though - there are a couple of new things we want to try out.
But best to let you share your wishes first. So please participate in the vote below.

Do you want to have the possibility to chat with others in the Checkmk community?

  • Yes, this would be a great thing.
  • No, the forum is enough for me.

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Thanks Martin for the insights into your evaluation so far.
Indeed, a communication channel which is more conversational need perhaps some moderation. (Whereby I did not recognize any need for this in the RF slack channel until today).

Good idea to start a survey - would you mind to pin this thread and rename it (“Please vote: …”) so that everybody feels appealed?