Plugin to connect check_mk with other systems

Hi everyone,
i got a stupid question, more or less.
What i want to achieve is a connection from my greenbone server to my check_mk.
Greenbone has a plugin for the connection with other systems.

Refer to this:

I need to copy the script to the folder /libexec on my nagios host.
My only path to a libexec folder is /usr/libexec

So does it have to be this directory for some reason or can it be somewhere else?
I dont know where to put plugins for establishing a connection to other systems.

best regards,

It looks like gvm-script is a Nagios plugin script. These should be placed in $OMD_ROOT/local/lib/nagios/plugins and can be configured with the ruleset “Classical active and passive Monitoring checks”. can also be placed in the local Nagios plugin directory and is called by gvm-script which may need to be adapted for its path.