Plugin to scan websites and compare regex (for check plugin/website updates)

Heys guys

I have several websites I want to check for new updates. For example I want to scan the check_mk website or Matomo if there’s a new version.

Can somebody recommend a good plugin for that?


try the build in HTTP check

I had the same idea as well - but what I want as a result is an output like “New version available” or “Version x.x.x.x” available - that’s not really possible. The result with the HTTPs check brings only http warn or http critical and is not that clear as I want.

now i got it … in this case take a look for Robot_MK
then you can Analyse the Web Site

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For this, we implemented a active Check, which gets some Infos from a Website:

  • CMS Type
  • Installed Core Version
  • Warn when CMS Core is outdated (lists installed AND latest available Version)
  • Warn when CMS Plugins are outdated (by name and Version)
  • Check if Meta and OG Tags are set and correct
  • Check for SPF Entries


Looks nice - which active check is that? Which plugin? Or is it over RobotMK?

It is a custom made Active check.
On every of our customers website we place a Script which outputs infos about the page.
On checkmk we add the host where this result is parsed and generate some services out of it.

This is the output generated by the webpage which results in the check result I posted in my last comment.

In the moment we monitor about 200 Websites in this way. Drupal 7/8, Magento 1/2, Wordpress and Typo3.

We see at a glance which page needs CMS oder Plugin Updates, if a Meta/OG-Tag is missing, if the HDD Quota is going to be full or if SSL Certificates run out soon or if SPF Entries are missing and E-Mails a maybe not delivered correctly.


Wow look very nice - do you want to share it some day via the CheckMK Exchange or Github? :wink:

Maybe some day… I have it already in mind.
In the moment we refactor some components to make it more generic and not too much specific for our agency.

And in the end my boss has to say OK :wink:
But I think this check is really good at the end, because we made a lot of research and found nothing like this on the market.

Available Updates for CMS cores and Plugins are grabbed through build-in CMS functions or composer commands.


Heys guys

Unfortunately the RobotMK framework is not working very well (the scripts are fine, but the integration to CheckMK is not working. I talked to Simon, but until today there’s no fix). So I’m still looking for a framework/plugin or something for that.

For some sites I wrote some small scripts, but I think there must be something better for that.

What’s about your solution? Maybe some hope that you can release it for all of us? :wink:

Thanks and greetz