Plugins downloaden


is it correct that plugins from checkmk extension only can be delivered via agent bakery? So it is not possible to download just the plugin like it is possible for the integrated plugins on https://<SITE-URL>/check_mk/agents/plugins/ ?

Kind regards

Hello Matze. It is. But why not use the bakery? Else you could copy the plugin from you plugins folder to /opt/omd/sites/yoursite/share/check_mk/agents/plugins/ Then it should be available for everyone.
You can find it under “Setup/Other Operating Systems”. http://localhost/site/check_mk/agents/plugins/

@mrei117 Why you changed your answer? I have already found it where you said before… :wink:
I am new to CheckMK but not sure about using bakery so far. It’s imho more difficult to put a rule to only assign this package to the certain hosts. And I don’t want to put the plugin on all hosts where its not needed - or do you got a good solution for that?