Polish language translation

Hey, I’d like to start Polish translation of checkmk. Unfortunately, there’s no way to start translation in languages other than already listed on weblate. Can you please add it as available language to translate?

EDIT: I already started offline translation from english using exported xlsx file. Would be cool if we could upload my changes later on.




A Job for you :grinning:

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Hey Krzysztof!

Thanks for your interest to start the Polish translation! :star_struck: I will set it up and let you know when it’s ready.


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It’s now available here. :tada:
Happy translating!

Cool! Thanks @fayepal

By the way, is it possible to upload translation I made in excel?

EDIT: It says I don’t have permission to save translation.

Hi Krzysztof!
You can click on ‘Suggest’ to submit your translation. This way, we can review and approve it. Just a small protection against possible spam.

It’s possible to import an Excel file. Can you send the file via personal message please? I’ll take a look whether I can import it or we need to format it.


how much do you have translated? Because I wonder where to start