Possible Bug in Availability Table Report?

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Today I stumbled across a weird behaviour in the availability table in a generated report from Checkmk.
I have the Checkmk 2.0.0p7 (CME) in use and gather the data from another Checkmk site that’s located at a customer.

The report is giving me the availability for some hosts from the last month in percent.

The problem is that the DOWN colum is red at some hosts even tho it’s 0,00%. Same behaviour if I increase the numbers after the comma. I added some arrows in the screenshot to showcase what I mean.

Here with the maximum numbers after the comma:

Here is the report configuration for better troubleshooting:


Now the big question. Is this a bug or a “feature”? :sweat_smile:

I feel l like it’s not rounding it up properly. Maybe someone can confirm the behaviour or the Checkmk Team can classify it as a bug.

Thanks for any feedback and I look forward to any answers.

Greetings Norm

Can you set the “Short Time Intervals” to something like 10 seconds?
With your setting 1 second of error message is enough to case such a behaviour.
1 second with 1 month time → this is something like 0.00004%


Hi @andreas-doehler,
that did the trick! But as you can see in the summary it’s still not rounding it properly. In my opinion it should be rounding according to the digits after the comma.

Looks better now!

I think there is no rounding in any of the availability output. If you have one event with not ok status you will get something like in your screenshot.

It would be good if you can select it that some rounding happens.

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You could also change the output to display not only percentage but e.g. seconds. This way you’ll that there is a very short outage which could be ignored as @andreas-doehler suggested.

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