Pre-flight check fails due to "illegal characters"

New to checkmk but been using Nagios for quite a while and adding a server into checkmk I get an error from the Nagios config about illegal characters in the service name - I think because there are () in the name, and it therefore fails and states it has output it to check_mk_objects_cfg.broken.

I had thought maybe I fix this by editing the check_mk_objects.cfg file but when I look in that file, this new host isn’t in there so I assume it has not added it because of the error.

As that would be how I would normally fix something in Nagios, byjust editing the service name, and as the new host is only visible in the .broken file, do I fix the .broken file and use it to overwrite the .cfg file?

As new to this just don’t want to screw it up too much :slight_smile:

Which version are you using? They have broken the CRE version on 2.0.0p14 and just released 2.0.0p15 where your problem should be fixed.

I’m using 2.0.0p14.

Easy enough to update?

Just download and give it an omd update.

Thanks so much - appreciated!

Inside a major release you mostly can’t switch between the patches easily. So a downgrade to p13 could also fix your problem.
Let us know, if it fixes your problem and please mark the topic with a solution.