Prioritize running the checkmk agent

Hello all,
quick question, do you guys prioritize in any way running the checkmk agent on Linux systems? So for example via the nice command or something similar?


No I don’t. Until now I’ve found no performance issues when running with the default priority.

Do you have any reason why you want to do this? If so, please share.

We are running our linux hosts with the given configuration. Everything works fine. I dont know why I should use nice because the agent is lightweight anyway. Better watch after your plugins and local checks. Their execution time is more relevant.

It happens from time to time that a system is so busy that the agent needs longer than 1 minute for a run. If this remains longer than 5 minutes, we escalate it. We now consider prioritizing the agent locally so that it manages to run cleanly in every case. I can of course increase various timeouts in checkmk, but I wanted to ask first if anyone is working with prioritization.

Ok, makes sense. In that case, you could try (note, I have not tried this myself) changing the ExecStart in /etc/systemd/system/check_mk@.service to include a nice command. Maybe that could fix your issue.

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