Problem with SSL implementation and OpenLDAP


I have some problems with setting up LDAP synchronization with my OpenLDAP server and checkmk edition RAW in version 1.6.0p20

I relied on the following link for the setup:

Without the implementation of SSL, it works perfectly.
When I switch to port 636 with SSL enabled, I have a certificate error since it is self-signed, so far everything is normal.

I apply what is indicated in the tutorial and import the self-signed certificate of my ldap server with the following command:

certutil -A -d / etc / openldap / certs -n "OpenLDAP Certificat" -t CT ,, -a -i /etc/ssl/certs/ldapserver-cert.pem

Then I restart the httpd service and try again but unfortunately still the same result.

I don’t think I made a mistake though, do you have any ideas?

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you can try to add the certificate to the SSL trusted certificates in the global settings of checkmk.


Indeed I completely forgot that we could import by this means. I just tested it and it finally works.

Thank you for your help!

Have a good day !

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