Proxmox discovering

Hello guys
i just installed the last version of checkmk and get trouble around discoring proxmox services.
i have the agent installed, i get cpu ram etc
id’ like to have my nodes discovereed so i try to implement the API of proxmox so i created a rule in : Setup Agents [VM, Cloud, Container] [Proxmox VE]

i provided a pve user / password to this rule but the service discovering do not find the proxmox

there s a thread around the subject but in german Proxmox VE überwachen - #24 by andreas-doehler sorry i do not understand german even with google translate

Thanks to guide me.

Do you create the virtual machines as it’s own host objects?
The name needs to be the same as inside Proxmox or you use the piggyback data renaming rule.
But for a first test it would be best to use the same name aus inside Proxmox :slight_smile:
These hosts can be configured without SNMP and without agent.
It should show these services then

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Andreas is right. But :slight_smile:
“can be configured without SNMP and without agent” to get just the services shown in the screenshot above. But installing the agent additionally will give much more insights.

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i tried to let it discover the child nodes. but my error seems to be a problem around authentification, right ? The name of the node is exactly the same and no relation discovered.

Does SNMP provides something that the agent does not ? both are useful ? i have installed the agent on the proxmox only

On Hosts/VMs like Linux, Windows, Aix, Solaris, etc. the agent is definitely better than SNMP and SNMP has no advantages, but a lot of disadvantages.

If we are talking about switches, routers, etc. there you have to use SNMP because you can’t install an agent there.


i have only proxmox servers to monitor, nothing else, but i have many

I would start debugging on the command line in this case.

Run cmk -D HOSTNAME for one of your Proxmox hosts. It shows the commandline for the Proxmox special agent under “Type of agent:”. You can add --verbose and --debug to its arguments and start it to see what is happening.

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our blog post for Proxmox monitoring is online: Efficient Proxmox monitoring with Checkmk
Maybe this helps a little


Hello guys,
Many thanks for your help, i gonna go further and let you know soon.
Best regards.

Is it possible to discover the nodes by the promox API or do i have to configure them manually ?

The Proxmox special agent generates piggyback data for nodes and VMs. You can use this data (in CEE) with the dynamic host configuration to automatically create host entries in the checkmk configuration.