Ps Process Matching problem


Recently I have updated to 1.6.0p7 and noticed that my manual checks for processes has stopped working.
I have been trying to fix it but I’m getting nowhere, and I don’t know why.

This is what is the process that is returned when long-output is turned on and I filter only by the user:
name C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ABS\\Release\\Import\\Import.exe, user \\DVS-SRV\\DLX30_2052_Sys, virtual size 241920kB, resident size 22780kB, creation time 2019-12-31 15:25:08, cpu usage (user space) 0.0%, cpu usage (kernel space) 0.0%, pid 9168, cpu usage 0.0%, pagefile usage 15, handle count 252, args

So the systems sees the process, and filters by user name fine.

What was configured before and it worked fine before update:
Annotation 2020-01-08 153239

But when I change it to filter by Process Matching it finds 0 processes, no matter what I try to enter into “Executable:” field. Just file name, full path, full path with double \\.

I am at a loss. Anyone could help me?

did you check the agent output? Try to use regex instead of Exact match.

Regards, Christian

Yes I have checked agent output, and the process is there. I have tried regex using several variants, but none seemed to work “Import”, “[Ii]mport”, “[[:<:]]import[[:>:]]” and such. Event tried “I”, “Im”, “Imp”.

Unless regex in checkMK is working differently that

Can you post the Output line from Agent output please? It could be helpful to find the Problem.

Yes I can. You can find the agent output here:

OK. I am really confused. Just checked the service and it seems to be working fine for 5 days.
Most likely while trying out what @ChristianM offered to try regex. Have used correct exact match line. Still pretty weird that I have missed that.

At first I have been entering the expected match by hand and it was not working. After that I have checked the output from the agent and just copied the path to executable that the agent was giving out and it seems it got it working.