Pull information from Asset Management System (Device42)

The idea is that I would just have to link CheckMk to the Asset Management System (Device42) API.

There I would be able to pull this information:

  • Hostname
  • Role
  • SLA
  • Customer tag
  • Monitored? (yes/ no)

This would be automatically be populated when entering the ID of the device I’m trying to monitor.

This would synchronize the checkmk monitored host to my Asset Management System.
So when I make a change in the system, checkmk would pull this information and just update the information.

The API documentation states that via /api/1.0/devices/id/{device-id}/
I can get a JSON output of all device information like.

  • aliases
  • customer
  • ip_addresses
    • ip
    • label
  • is_it_switch
  • is_it_virtual_host
  • os

Would this be somewhat easy to implement?


from my point of view, yes! You can handle it by the CheckMK API. When you run the call “all_hosts” with effective_attributes “on”, then you get all information you need. In addition, you can also the HW/SW Inventory information to enrich you data.


I think we are talking by each other @ChristianM.

I dont need information from checkmk to flow into the Asset Management System.

I just need to be able to pull the information form the AMS and create a new host based on what i can pull

Similar things have been implemented. You will typically see that in discussions around CMDB integrations.
Take a look at this API wrapper from Checkmk: https://github.com/brennerm/check-mk-web-api

as Martin mentioned is easy to use the Check_mk API or the Wrapper. From my point of view you should think also in both directions.