Push Mode for Agents

Is it just me or is the documentation not complete to all features. I’ve read checkmk was supposed to be easy. Why can’t we just install an agent and have it auto monitor everything?

Anyway. I see there’s a push mode now in the agent control. But zero documentation on how to use it. How can I get my agents to push since they’re behind nat?

I ran the push command but the site still shows my host as down despite configuring monitoring to check the agent.

The documentation is a little ahead of the actual release:
Monitoring agents - Monitoring with Checkmk devices in a network. →

The Agent Controller and Agent Receiver are already prepared for push mode, even though this mode will be available only with the next Checkmk version for the new Checkmk Plus Edition (CPE).

However, there is no CPE release yet, so the push mode feature is also not available.