Question on Werk #10677: Calling plugins with Windows user | which Session ID

Hi checkmk-team,

i was very pleased to read that the v2 windows agent will support the execution of plugins in the context of a certain user (

May I ask how this is planned in detail? Since Windows Vista there has been a strict separation between

  • processes running as services (session id 0) and
  • processes of logged in users (session 1, 2, n ).

My question is: will it be possible that the agent starts a user process within a session ID > 0?
This would be awesome, because currently it is not possible for the RobotMK plugin to execute Robot Framework e2e test which operate on native desktop applications. *)

Thanks & regards,

*) Workaround currently: schedule the execution in windows task planner and save the RobotMK result in spooldir.


This is not possible at the moment. check_mk_agent is running as a service(normally) and there is no by default session 1(nobody is logged in).

Still it looks as interesting idea for us.

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Ok, thanks Sergej!