Quickly filter columns in views

I know when I’m viewing a list of services or hosts (ie., Hosts and Services Problems), I can search by clicking the search/magnifying glass and selecting what to search on. But most often, I’m doing a simple filter such as “all that are not ok” or “filter this specific host or service”. It would be great if the column headings on the view had dropdowns that I could filter by selecting values via checkboxes or type in something to match on or regex.

For example, the state column would have “ok, warn, crit, unkn” that I could select from. The Host and Service columns would have a scrollable list of unique values for my results that I could check/uncheck… and a text box that I could type a substring or regex into to filter. Very similar to how Excel does it.

Yes this would be a good thing.
We had such a function inside CMK implemented with version 1.4 and 1.5. But with the big changes in 1.6 our solution is not working anymore and there was not enough time and motivation to rebuild it for 1.6 :slight_smile:

That’s too bad… maybe for the next version???

I think quickfilter function was one of the topics at the conference. I cannot remember all :slight_smile:

I was there… don’t recall hearing it mentioned. Then again, it might been at 3:30AM for me when they talked about it so I wasn’t fully awake.