Redfish Restfull Checks -> Drives missing


I have a rather strange Problem with the redfish check (Check_MK-Things/check plugins 2.2/redfish at master · Yogibaer75/Check_MK-Things · GitHub) that the drives are not found anymore.

The Target is a Dell ME5 Storage with the latest Firmware.
Now the wired part, I have a few weeks old Agent Output, containing these Drives. If I use this, everything works fine.

But in the Current Agent Output, the drive section is gone.

I would think the Problem is related to the device, not to the check,
but maybe someone had the problem too, or perhaps an idea for the solution?

The Test user on the Storage has maximum rights.

Thanks in advance,

It’s a little bit strange. What is the mkp version at the moment?
MKPs before .31 had a problem with detection of drives if you use the “Retrieve information about…” option. With .31 it is fixed.

It’s the last one from the GitHub Link. And the Strange part is, that I have the Agent Output from some time Ago, which Contains the Disks. The Version in the Header is the same as I get when do the queries now, just Disks are now missing.

Then the only way to check if the data is there and not fetched or if the data is really missing inside Redfish would be the “Redfish Mockup Creator
Inside the produced output you will see if drives are existing or not :slight_smile:

Your new Version fixed it, thank you :slight_smile: