Registration of 2.0.0b8 client on Windows Server 2019

Hello. Is Windows client registration working in 2.0.0b8? After finding the current method of registering, I cannot escape the error:

    You must install Python Module to use the command 'register'.
    To install Python Module you should use Bakery. 

Personally I think that requirement should be automatically baked in to the MSI, but I went and added a rule such that my baked, signed agent for that host gained this:

|Install Python runtime environment:||
|Installation: |Install Python automatically when configured plugins need it|
|Usage: |Use Checkmk Python, if it has been installed|
|Python environment: |Deploy standard environment (Current Python 3.8 + standard set of modules)|

Installing that MSI always gives a working client, that contains a file in the install directory, but any attempt to register always fails. I’m guessing that that python zip archive isn’t getting installed, indeed a filename search shows nothing except that zip archive. Any hints as to why my baked-in python isn’t usable?

(I am planting here a useful line for others searching for the Windows registration procedure, as the majority of online references are still out-dated. I am not sure what -i is for and whether cmk is a password or something else.):
check-mk-agent.exe can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\checkmk\service. elevated UAC is needed for access/execution.

check_mk_agent.exe updater register -s moni01.servers.intern -i cee -H my_host -p http -U cmkadmin -P cmk -v

No, it has moved, and the cmk-update-agent function seems to have been absorbed by the check_mk_agent.exe process itself. See the new format for a register operation at the end of my post. The new way of doing it would probably work except for python not being set up by the Windows agent installer.

I feel a little silly telling YOU this, but it’s what I found in a readme in the Windows installer. It must be a very new change.

I located the check_mk python installation on disk, but couldn’t get it to work either as-is or by adding it to the system path.
In the end I downloaded Python from and that environment allowed me to run:

check_mk_agent.exe updater register

in interactive mode, which claimed to have successfully registered the host. I can’t tell whether or not future updates will work automatically without Checkmk’s internal python.

I got the very same issue with CME 2.0.0p3 on an Windows Server 2016.

You must install Python Module to use the updater with parameters 'register -H $HOST -U $USER-P '.
To install Python Module you should use Bakery.

I have no rules modifying the agent for normal Windows hosts. For Windows Server 2008 I created the appropriate rule.

Only things worth mentioning is, that the host has the MSSQL plugin enabled.

Does anyone have any insight, why this could happen? I want to avoid to install Python manually at all cost.

Hello all,

unfortunately a bit late, I just came across this thread. Maybe it helps you to try the registration via the Python script? As described here: Windows agent updater plugin is delivered as Python script

Hope, this helps. Greetings!

Same problem here. Would not like to install Python.

Updated to 2.0.0p6 and issue still occurs

Just a little hint, although it seems obvious: I had this error with a colleague who used a non-administrative Powershell for the register command and hat this very error message. Using an administrative shell everything went as expected.