[Release] Checkmk innovation release 2.0.0i1

@Mela bitte schreib das so in die Email rein.
Die Kollegen schauen sich das an.

@athomaidis, alles klar, mache ich gleich.

Danke Dir.

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Tut er doch gerade nicht. Die Server-Version lautet 2.0.0i1 und da sollte doch auch der Agent eine i1 melden – zumal, wenn er per Bakery ausgerollt wurde.

Ich habe gerade im Repo nachgeschaut: Die Version, die mit 2.0.0i1 getaggt ist, liefert auch 2.0.0i1. Hast Du evtl. eine Version vom “master” (d.h. daily build) benutzt? Da ist die Versionsnummer schon auf i2 hochgedreht.


ich habe dieses hier heruntergelade /installiert:

das ist die “richtige” oder?

Hi, the problem has been identified (a 2.0.0i2 Windows agent is in inside the 2.0.0i1). Thanks for the feedback mail Mela.
If there are any specific issues/bugs/questions with the innovation release, please use the feedback mail provided above. If you have an issue, where you want feedback/help from the community, please open a new thread in the General or Troubleshooting category. Thanks!


greate, thanks @martin.hirschvogel .

Dear Martin, is it possible to install CEE 2.0.0i1 on the same server we‘re running CRE 1.6 on?

Yes, that’s the benefit of omd. The sites should be independent of each other.
See more here: https://checkmk.com/cms_intro.html#Creating%20an%20instance

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Ahoi! This looks amazing. When will this be available for RAW users?


Starting with the Beta phase, which will be highly likely launched later this year.

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Just wondering if there is an easy way to get and test the updates resp. fixes for certain plugins being delivered within the latest (innovation) release. Or do I have to download the complete checkmk release in order to get single plugins in the most current version?

In this case yes as 1.6 and 2.0 is not compatible. Python 2 -> 3 changes and many internal changes.
Backporting / testing 2.0 plugins with 1.6 is not possible.

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Another possibility might be to fetch the latest plugins directly from their github repo at https://github.com/tribe29/checkmk (in case you are a bit familiar with git and/or github).

Hi @martin.hirschvogel,
what is about licensing with such a new release?
We have many custom checks(250 classical rules, ~500 plugins rules) and need time to migrate them. But in case I do backup\restore site procedure I will use around 150% of available licenses for me. Is that will be treated as a license violation?

Pure test systems for trialing Checkmk versions, etc., are not counted for the subscription…

Good to hear, I supposed to use a backup archive for restore and then figure out what is broken. In other words - clone monitoring environment to test&develop. Around 1000 hosts will be imported, and that’s definitely out of limits of the free cee version. That’s why I asked how to license an “innovation” release.

@martin.hirschvogel Hi, TNX Great job!
I Installed the latest raw version(2.0) and try to create dashboard with grafana … but it dose not works!
The problem is the same described in the link below:

should we wait for stable version?!

I’m curious too. Running check-mk-raw-2.0.0b3-el7-38.x86_64 and this version responds with "result:“Checkmk exception: Currently not supported with this Checkmk Edition” to Grafana plugin.

That’s correct the performance data can only be delivered with livestatus if you have the cmc core and this means only the enterprise edition uses this core.
With the raw edition you can try to configure the PNP Grafana Datasource
That’s the only way i know to bind Grafana directly to the PNP4Nagios graphing data.