[Release] Checkmk innovation release 2.0.0i1

Dear friends of Checkmk,

the new innovation release 2.0.0i1 of Checkmk is ready for download.

We are excited to bring you the first innovation release of Checkmk 2.0. For numerous months our team has been pushing hard to deliver the next full version of Checkmk. In doing so, we have reworked Checkmk’s foundations. With so many significant changes coming finally together, we have decided to
make the version step change to 2.0.

This innovation release is a preview of most features planned for Checkmk 2.0 and gives you the possibility to try these new and interesting features.

With Version 2.0 we will also be introducing a new user interface and user experience. The Innovation Release already contains many aspects of this to gather early feedback.

We will have dedicated channels to gather your feedback on the new user experience:

To get a good grasp of what fundamentals in the user interface have changed, read this forum post containing more details:

We would like to ask all users to try out the new version and help us ensure that Checkmk 2.0 becomes a success.

Please send general feedback, feedback on the new user experience, and bug reports to this dedicated mail address: feedback-2.0 [at] checkmk.com

All mails to this address will be used to improve the 2.0 and are completely free of charge.

This is not a stable release. Please do not use this in productive environments as it is a compromise between stability and new features. It is also only available in the Checkmk Enterprise Editions.

Changes in all Checkmk Editions:


  • 7262 Initial version of new Business Intelligence visualization
  • 7268 BI aggregations: Introduced aggregation ID
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10170 FIX: BI: Fix exception in BI status GUI when loading configs created with 1.4 or older
  • 10461 FIX: Duplicate entries in BI Aggregation Groups snapin

Checks & agents:

  • 10286 Netapp API Environment Check: check temperatures, fans, voltages and currents
  • 11124 Arista BGP check plugin
  • 7755 Jenkins: New special agent to query jenkins instances
  • 7711 New Windows Agent
  • 11098 Proxmox: add VM backup status check
  • 11122 Proxmox: add VM info check
  • 11119 Proxmox: add disk usage check
  • 11120 Proxmox: add mem usage check
  • 11121 Proxmox: add node info check
  • 10197 Windows Agent can configure Windows Firewall
  • 10677 Windows plugins and local checks can be called using non-system account
  • 10067 agent_graylog: New special agent to query Graylog instances
  • 10639 agent_prometheus: Addition of Prometheus Special Agent to Checkmk
  • 10113 heartbeat_crm check: Add “Failed Actions” part to main check, which can now warn if any are present.
  • 10651 prometheus_custom: Addition of Prometheus custom check plugin
  • 8810 systemd_services: Extension of services classification functionality
  • 10296 timesyncd: time synchronisation check using systemd timesyncd service
  • 10299 zerto: special agent and check for zerto rpo monitoring
  • 10601 Auto migration of check plugins to new section definitions
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10580 Memory check plugins: Unify service descriptions
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11361 Reworking of discovery rulesets for network interfaces and switch ports
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10934 sap_hana_status is now multiinstance compatible
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10419 AWS EC2 Limits graphs collects now all instance types in a single graph
  • 10420 AWS EC2 Limits queries directly AWS Service Quotas for vCPU limits
  • 11114 Add Rule set to disable individual SNMP sections
  • 10890 Add initial support for Proxmox environments
  • 11153 Averaging of single-core CPU utilization
  • 10681 Bakery can configure Checkmk Windows agent service
  • 10202 Bakery controls cleanup of Windows Agent’s Program Data directory on uninstall
  • 10199 Bakery plugins must save the configuration into yml_store parameter
  • 10772 Check plugin to monitor temperature in Arista Switches DCS-7280
  • 11234 Check_MK service: State if “Unexpected allowed IP ranges” is configurable
  • 11090 Checks for AWS ELB, ELBv2, DynamoDB and WAFV2 go stale instead of UNKN
  • 11099 Cisco UCS check plugins: add support for UCS C220 M4S devices
  • 10743 Cisco UCS check plugins: add support for UCS C240 M5 devices
  • 11049 Classical passive checks now allow OK in case of absent updates
  • 11217 Configurable timeouts for MSSQL agent plugin
  • 7271 Decreased configuration loading time for setups with large amount of folders
  • 8869 ESX: Add type labels for ESX vCenter, servers, VMs
  • 8909 Exclude MSSQL instances from monitoring
  • 11158 Exclusion patterns for grouping of filesystems
  • 10906 Extend UCD SNMP scan function
  • 11215 Extension of the monitoring of UCS C-Series Rack Servers
  • 11511 Host label dependent services are now discovered automatically
  • 10749 IBM MQ: new agent plugin, checks, and inventory plugins
  • 8919 Inventory Kubernetes endpoints
  • 8907 Inventory kubernetes daemon pod containers
  • 10269 Kaspersky AV: Support tasks in KESL
  • 8905 Kubernetes checks for daemon pods
  • 8912 Kubernetes checks for jobs
  • 8910 Kubernetes checks for stateful sets
  • 11039 Kubernetes: new option to add a namespace prefix
  • 11218 MSSQL Agent Plugin: Use MSOLEDBSQL if available
  • 10953 Make monitoring state of Hyper-V VMs configurable
  • 10932 Make scan functions of fast_lta_* more strict
  • 10923 Monitor Active Alarms of Silver Peak VX6000
  • 11137 Monitor HP StoreOnce via new REST API 4.x
  • 10918 Monitor Huawei WLAN Controller
  • 8915 Monitor Kubernetes Pod conditions
  • 11138 Monitor Postgres DBs on Windows and Linux
  • 10937 Monitor SAP HANA Connect State
  • 10926 Monitor VMKernel swap metrics on ESX Hosts
  • 10268 Monitor ingresses from Kubernetes
  • 10935 Monitor migration state of SAP HANA ESS
  • 10921 Monitor single files with mk_filestats
  • 10961 Monitoring of AWS DynamoDB tables
  • 11088 Monitoring of AWS WAFV2
  • 10956 Monitoring of Pulse Secure appliances
  • 10960 Monitoring of target group errors for AWS Application Load Balancers
  • 10955 Monitoring of the number of users for Pulse Secure
  • 10466 New inventory plugin: Port configuration of Couchbase nodes
  • 10777 New metric for percentage of used filesystem
  • 10161 New plugin: Cache on Couchbase nodes
  • 10470 New plugin: Cache performance of Couchbase buckets
  • 10160 New plugin: Couchbase Nodes Memory and CPU
  • 10159 New plugin: Couchbase nodes info
  • 10158 New plugin: Couchbase nodes uptime
  • 10163 New plugin: Items on Couchbase nodes
  • 10468 New plugin: Memory usage of Couchbase buckets
  • 10469 New plugin: Operations of Couchbase buckets
  • 10162 New plugin: Operations on Couchbase nodes
  • 10164 New plugin: Services on Couchbase nodes
  • 10467 New plugin: Size of Couchbase nodes
  • 10578 New/deprecated function for developers of memory plugins
  • 7931 OMD Performance: Add levels for multiple values
  • 11001 Periodic Service Discovery: Add white-/blacklist for removing vanished services automatically
  • 10086 Piggybacked Hosts: Validity period and state are configurable
  • 8959 Piggybacked hosts: ‘Check_MK’ service shows more detailed information
  • 10059 RAM Leak Protection for Windows Agent 1.5
  • 11391 Redis agent plugin now supports databases listening on unix sockets
  • 11207 Separate service for ESX snapshot summaries
  • 10922 Service Perf-O-Meter for LDAP active check
  • 11071 Standard xinetd config now limits parallel queries to 3 per source
  • 10933 Support STE2 for HWG Humdity and Temperature
  • 10418 Update AWS EC2 Limits to use new vCPU-based instance limits
  • 10920 Upper and lower levels for liebert_cooling and position are configurable now
  • 10095 WATO ruleset ‘Filesystems (used space and growth)’: INode levels can be ignored
  • 10695 Windows Agent Service will wait for Network Services
  • 10203 Windows Agent cleans during Uninstall Program Data directory
  • 10201 Windows Agent configures Windows Firewall by default
  • 10687 Windows Agent may stop processes that interfere with plugin installation
  • 8895 Windows Agent supports async local plugins with cache_age
  • 8894 Windows Agent: The log file message level is now configurable via Agent Bakery
  • 10195 Windows Agent: additional parameters for logwatch section
  • 10194 Windows Agent: logwatch section size is limited now
  • 11165 Windows agent service can be set in mode delayed auto start
  • 11166 Windows service waits for network service during start
  • 10472 ad_replication: Introduce long output and only display summary
  • 10333 agent_aws: Support for Assume Role
  • 11301 agent_aws: refresh cache immediately when it contains previous day’s data
  • 8839 agent_hp_msa: Adjustment of HP MSA agent to allow information retrieval based on the new API
  • 10759 agent_jira, jira_workflow, jira_custom_svc: New special agent and checks to gather statistics from Jira instances
  • 11335 agent_prometheus: addition of Prometheus build check
  • 10859 agent_prometheus: addition of kube-state-metrics compatibility
  • 10855 agent_prometheus: addition of piggyback host naming option for cadvisor containers
  • 10938 agent_rabbitmq, rabbitmq_cluster, rabbitmq_queues, rabbitmq_vhosts, rabbitmq_nodes: New special agent and checks to monitor RabbitMQ
  • 7956 agent_vsphere: Collect performance counters from vCenter
  • 11300 agent_zypper: include file os-release for SLE version 15
  • 10635 aironet_clients: Adding OID for Cisco Aironet 1530 Series
  • 7922 aix_paging: New check which monitors the paging spaces on AIX via lsps
  • 11105 apache_status: Configuration of Instance Names
  • 8903 apache_status: Optional path to X.509 cert
  • 8902 apache_status: Set optional instance name
  • 10421 apache_status: addition of httpd-event in server detection
  • 10919 apc_symmetra_drycontact: New check plugin to monitor APC dry contact sensors
  • 7422 apt: add information about cache invalidation to the manual page
  • 10352 aruba_aps, aruba_clients, aruba_cpu_util: New checks for Aruba devices
  • 10959 aws_elb.http_elb, aws_elb.http_backend, aws_elbv2_application.http_elb: Additional metrics
  • 7864 aws_glacier_limits and aws_glacier_summary: New checks to monitor AWS/Glacier limits and to overview over all AWS/Glacier vaults
  • 10629 azure: Get total number of user accounts
  • 11127 azure_ad: Add counter metric
  • 10626 azure_ad: Monitor AD Connect sync and quantity of user accounts
  • 7963 brocade_fcport: Discover ports despite missing speed info
  • 10410 brocade_fcport: use 64bit counters for tx/rx frames
  • 10841 cadvisor_cpu: CPU utilisation check for cadvisor metrics from Prometheus
  • 10842 cadvisor_df: Filesystem check for cAdvisor metrics from Prometheus
  • 10809 cadvisor_diskstat: Diskstat check for cadvisor metrics from Prometheus
  • 10843 cadvisor_if: Network check for cAdvisor metrics from Prometheus
  • 10854 cadvisor_memory: Memory check for cadvisor metrics from Prometheus
  • 10481 ceph_status.pgs: Plugin now knowns about ‘snaptrim’ and ‘snaptrim_wait’
  • 8816 ceph_status: Show more detailed error messages if avail and check state is WARN, CRIT or UNKNOWN
  • 7890 check_by_ssh: Option to automatically accept new host keys
  • 8996 check_icmp: minimum number of successful pings for OK status consideration
  • 10423 check_mk.agent_update: configuration of service state when agent deployment is globally disabled
  • 8837 check_mk_agent.linux: Modification of agent’s encryption functionality in order to accomodate for newer digest functions
  • 11145 check_mk_agent.linux: exclusion of autofs in df section
  • 10810 check_mk_agent.linux: fixes for ntpq handling
  • 10083 check_traceroute: Add performance data
  • 10078 check_traceroute: Support for IPv6
  • 11019 checkpoint_vsx, checkpoint_vsx_connections, checkpoint_vsx.packets, checkpoint_vsx.status, checkpoint_vsx.traffic: New checks to monitor Checkpoint virtual systems
  • 10152 chrony: Do not discover if chrony can’t connect but ntp section is present
  • 10483 cifsmounts,nfsmounts: Add WATO Rules for filesystem size
  • 10355 cisco_asa_ipsecsessions, cisco_asa_webvpnsessions: New checks for Cisco ASA devices
  • 10422 cisco_cpu_memory: Check for monitoring CPU Memory of Cisco devices
  • 11205 cisco_prime_wifi_access_points: New check plugin which monitors Cisco Prime WiFi access points
  • 11163 cisco_prime_wifi_connections: New check plugin which monitors the connections of Cisco Prime wireless access points
  • 10570 cisco_ucs: Support for Cisco ISE servers SNS-3595
  • 10603 datapower plugins: now support new revision of IBM Datapower Gateway
  • 10893 dell_poweredge_amperage.current: Check plugin for current of power units of Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • 10536 df: Filesystems can now also be grouped by volume name
  • 10003 docker_container_cpu: Plugin no longer requires agent in container
  • 10004 docker_container_diskstat: Plugin no longer requires agent in container
  • 10002 docker_container_mem: Plugin no longer requires agent in container
  • 10136 docker_container_status.uptime: Add uptime service for containers w/o checkmk agent
  • 7950 docker_container_status: Improved discovery and health check
  • 10001 docker_container_status: set image name as a host label
  • 7405 elasticsearch_indices: new check for monitoring of elasticsearch indices
  • 11097 emc_datadomain_mtree: add configuration option
  • 7882 entersekt, entersekt.certexpiry, entersekt.ecerterrors, entersekt.emerrors, entersekt.soaperrors: Suite of checks for Entersekt devices
  • 7954 esx_vsphere_counters: Add read/write latency
  • 11043 esx_vsphere_vm.mem_usage: add ruleset to specify levels
  • 10082 etherbox: Skip not connected Sensors
  • 10084 f5_bigip_fans: Skip not running sensors
  • 7927 fjdarye200_pools: Monitor capacity of thin provisioning pools
  • 10069 graylog_cluster_stats: New check to monitor cluster statistics of a graylog instance
  • 10074 graylog_cluster_traffic: New check to monitor traffic of a graylog cluster
  • 10071 graylog_failures: New check to monitor the number of failures across all indices
  • 10322 graylog_jvm: New check to monitor heap space of graylog JVM
  • 10330 graylog_license: New check to monitor state of Graylog license
  • 10068 graylog_messages: New check for message count of graylog indices
  • 10072 graylog_nodes: New check to monitor graylog nodes
  • 10323 graylog_sidecars: New check to monitor sidecars of graylog
  • 10644 graylog_sources: New check to monitor sources of a Graylog instance
  • 10571 graylog_streams: New check to monitor streams of Graylog instances
  • 10666 gude_temp: Support Gude Expert Box 7214 devices
  • 10642 heartbeat_rscstatus: Added option to configure the expected state
  • 10567 hp_fan, hp_psu: Support for Aruba 5400R ZL2 switch series
  • 11008 hp_proliant: Added support for HP storeeasy for all hp_proliant checks
  • 11476 hp_psu: Added new possible state “Aux not powered”
  • 10587 hr_mem: Now supports averaging
  • 11187 if.include: Added broad- and multicast packet rate monitoring
  • 8952 if.include: Levels for IN/OUT errors are configurable
  • 7759 jenkins_instance: New check to monitor the state of the queried Jenkins instance
  • 10648 jenkins_nodes: Added labels assigned to node
  • 7757 jenkins_nodes: New check to monitor Jenkins nodes
  • 7756 jenkins_queue: New check to monitor Jenkins queue lenght
  • 11337 job: addition of job monitoring to AIX agent
  • 11082 jobs: Exit codes of jobs can now be mapped to states
  • 11295 juniper_cpu_util: discover new items for CPU utilization
  • 11360 juniper_temp: Discover on additional devices
  • 7881 keepalived: New check to monitor the state of keepalived VRRP instances
  • 10075 kernel.performance: Check pages that get swapped in/out from the linux kernel
  • 10566 local: Service names can contain blank characters
  • 11340 md-raid: add detection for check-state
  • 10585 mem.used, statgrab_mem, aix_memory, docker_container_mem, solaris_mem, emc_ecs_mem, hr_mem: Unify service output
  • 10583 mem.win: Reformat output to match other memory services
  • 7952 mk_docker.py: Add base_url to bakery rule config options
  • 10628 mk_inventory.linux: adds IPv6 routing information
  • 10012 mk_jolokia, agent_jolokia: Improved handling of connection errors
  • 7492 mk_jolokia: Now Python 2.6 compatible
  • 10691 mk_logwatch supports UTF-16 LE BOM encoded files
  • 10690 mk_logwatch supports single backslash in Windows paths
  • 10471 mk_logwatch: Add option to limit context
  • 10142 mk_logwatch: Explicitly specify encoding of logfiles
  • 7489 mk_logwatch: optimize regex search
  • 7948 mk_logwatch: process new files from the beginning
  • 10844 mk_oracle: Added Bakery option to set TNS Alias
  • 10671 mk_oracle: Support for Custom SQL with Remote Monitoring
  • 10848 mk_oracle: Support for configuration directory
  • 7916 mk_oracle: Support for tnsalias in DBUSER and REMOTE_INSTANCE_
  • 10444 mk_oracle: set a custom Oracleversion during execution
  • 10505 mk_oracle_asm: Remove deprecated agent plugin
  • 10439 mk_postgres agent: No more warning when PostgreSQL Cluster is stopped
  • 10574 mk_redis: Agent plugin for Redis databases
  • 10572 msoffice_licenses: Added absolut levels for consumed licenses
  • 11325 mssql_jobs: new plugin to monitor scheduled jobs on MSSQL Server
  • 11304 mysql.connections: extended plugin to show currently open connections in addition to maximum parallel connections
  • 8824 mysql.galerasync, mysql.galeradonor, mysql.galerastartup, mysql.galerasize, mysql.galerastatus: New checks for MySQL Galera
  • 8811 netapp_api_fan: Allow to summarize individual services into one
  • 8838 netapp_api_if: Addition of home port and is-home attribute in discovered netapp interface services
  • 10636 netapp_api_if: configuration of home-port attribute
  • 8974 netapp_api_ports: check plugin for netapp ports
  • 8813 netapp_api_psu: check functionality extension which allows to summarize individual services into one
  • 10751 netapp_api_systemtime: add metric for the time difference
  • 8814 netstat: Support of netstat functionality for Solaris Operating System
  • 8819 nimble_latency: Add performance data
  • 10819 openbsd_sensors.indicator, openbsd_sensors.drive, openbsd_sensors.powersupply: New openbsd sensor checks
  • 7853 oracle_longactivesessions: Added Perf-O-Meter for session counter
  • 7925 prism_storage_pools: New check to monitor the capacity and usage of Prism storage pools
  • 11006 prtconf: addition of information for physical volumes and network
  • 11220 ps: Add option to specify minimum age of processes
  • 7958 ps: Allow to filter discovery by cgroup (Linux only)
  • 10079 ps: Create Host Labels on process discovery
  • 7960 ps: Option to include process arguments in long-output
  • 7860 pse_poe: check for PoE-capable PSE devices
  • 10858 qnap checks: Temperature and Fans check plugins for Qnap devices
  • 8960 quanta checks: Monitor fan speed/temperature/voltage for Quanta Cloud Technology systems
  • 8968 quanta checks: Set custom levels Quanta Cloud Technology checks
  • 10761 redis_info.clients: New check to monitor Redis info clients section
  • 10758 redis_info.persistence: New check to monitor Redis persistence
  • 10643 redis_info: New check to monitor Redis instances
  • 10943 sap_hana_data_volume: Added netdata of SAP HANA data volumes
  • 10940 sap_hana_replication_status: State for different replication states is now configurable
  • 10357 scalio_devices: New check which monitors the device states of all ScaleIO Data Servers
  • 7894 seh_ports: new check which allows to monitor dongle ports of SEH dongle server devices
  • 8971 sophos_cpu: Monitoring of cpu percentage usage for Sophos devices
  • 8973 sophos_disk: Monitoring of disk percentage usage for Sophos devices
  • 8997 sophos_memory: Monitoring of memory percentage usage for Sophos devices
  • 11299 suseconnect: include licensing information on SLES 15
  • 10717 tplink_cpu, tplink_mem, tplink_poe, tplink_poe_summary: New checks for TP-LINK switches
  • 7924 ucd: Add support for Bomgar Appliances
  • 10900 ucd_cpu_util: Updated check to query more values for CPU utilization
  • 10899 ucd_diskio: new disk IO check
  • 10958 ucd_mem: Discover Pulse Secure appliances
  • 10902 ucd_mem: Updated check to query more values
  • 10954 ucd_mem: count buffered and cached memory as free
  • 10957 ucd_mem: make handling of swap space configurable
  • 10634 wmi.include: display the unit for levels in status detail of a service
  • 11162 zorp_connections: monitoring for zorp firewall connections
  • 10303 Add support to monitor Hopf 8029HEPTA devices
  • 11472 Added agent based discovery of host labels
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 6578 Agent IP access restriction (only_from) can now be monitored
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11117 Drop support for creation of HostLabels via discovery function
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11367 Enforcing 32-bit interface checks is now done by disabling if64 SNMP section
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11159 Grouping of NetApp Volumes
  • 8918 Inventory Kubernetes ingresses
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11092 One service per region for AWS limits
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11118 Plugin development: make all includes imports
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11142 PostgreSQL: Differentiate idle from active connections
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11150 Refactoring of the monitoring of Cisco VPN sessions
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11108 Resolving of plugins default parameters during discovery
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11223 aix_diskiod: Switch to new diskstat-ruleset
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10476 azure_agent_info: Add option to pin down monitored resources
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11366 brocade_optical: Adjust to new discovery ruleset for network interfaces
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11007 check_mk_agent.linux: option to exclude specific agent sections through agent bakery
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11152 cisco_vpn_sessions: extensions and refactoring
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11154 cisco_vpn_sessions: rename item “SVC” --> “AnyConnect SVC”
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11305 config: drop support of ‘precompile_params’
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11109 fileinfo: remove precompile function
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10951 fortigate_sslvpn: Addition of WATO configuration option for number of tunnels
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11096 hyperv_vms: use default levels instead of discovered state
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11363 if64, if64adm: Monitoring of the admin status ifAdminStatus for switch ports
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11364 if_lancom: Never detect if if64-checks are disabled
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10153 jolokia_jvm_garbagecollectors: New plugin
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10137 jolokia_jvm_memory: New check plugin
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10138 jolokia_jvm_uptime: New plugin
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 8969 kernel.performance: New kernel performance check that consolidates kernel checks into one service
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11112 logwatch.groups: remove precompile function
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11111 logwatch: remove precompile function
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7953 mk_docker.py: Bakery now allows to skip individual sections
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7964 mk_docker.py: No longer pipe checkmk agent into containers
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7484 mk_logwatch: Default limit for transmitted data
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10331 mk_mysql: set instance alias
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10335 mongodb: extension of replica set checks
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7866 mongodb_cluster: Monitoring of cluster balance and size
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10150 mssql_transactionlogs: Do not discover unneeded transaction logs
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11375 oracle_performance: Optionally new statistics for IO and system wait
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11374 oracle_performance: Optionally split services
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11362 rmon_stats: new, separate discovery ruleset
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11110 sap: remove precompile function
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 6952 ucd_cpu_util: Levels for utilization
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7421 ucs_bladecenter_if, winperf_if: discover single interfaces of interface groups
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11463 SEC: Windows Agent: additional protection of the working directories
  • 11460 SEC: Windows agent service sets correct access rights in ProgramData directory
  • 11462 SEC: Windows agent sets access rights also after clean installation
  • 11461 SEC: Windows agent: Improved protection of configuration files
  • 10108 FIX: Fix apt check when switched to “dist-upgrade” and encountering auto removals
  • 10157 FIX: Now using /dev/null instead of closing stdin in all POSIX agents
  • 10114 FIX: Skype AV Edge check: fix crash on missing TCP metrics in agent output
  • 10188 FIX: Windows Agent: Fix possible update / downgrade problems
  • 10187 FIX: Windows agent: Resolved problem with message UNKN – Item not found
  • 10872 FIX: agent_vsphere: Removed ESX 4.1 compatibility mode
  • 7893 FIX: systemd_units: filter out disabled services from summary monitoring
  • 8822 FIX: 3par_hosts: Do not crash if OS info is missing
  • 10436 FIX: 3ware_disks: Warning status for SMART_FAILURE
  • 10111 FIX: APT: Fix service discovery when getting unexpected output from apt
  • 10417 FIX: AWS EC2 default limits are preserved for unconfigured instances
  • 11089 FIX: AWS ELB & ELBv2 host discovery based on user-specified names
  • 11091 FIX: AWS monitoring: adjustments to werk #10962 and bugfixes
  • 10209 FIX: Active checks: Autodetect active checks which have a WATO configuration page
  • 10090 FIX: Agent AWS: Fixed ‘ElasticLoadBalancing’ object has no attribute ‘describe_target_health’
  • 10091 FIX: Agent AWS: Let EC2 services become stale if the instance was terminated
  • 10196 FIX: All text file of the Windows Agent now have Windows style line endings
  • 10405 FIX: Allow filesystems in /var/lib/docker/ to be monitored
  • 10753 FIX: Allow more printable ASCII characters in email addresses
  • 10519 FIX: Autochecks files of cluster nodes will no longer contain duplicates from other nodes
  • 10475 FIX: Azure Checkplugins: Go to stale state if info is missing
  • 10479 FIX: Azure Plugins: Fix rendering of metric values
  • 11302 FIX: Azure Storage: egress data levels wrongly labelled on user interface
  • 10962 FIX: Bugfix for AWS monitoring (conversion Sum --> rates)
  • 10148 FIX: CPU utilization: Occasional crashes
  • 7823 FIX: Check hosts with PING: Fix broken custom service descriptions
  • 11244 FIX: Check_MK Discovery service: Contact SNMP devices for real if ‘Perform a full SNMP scan’ is enabled
  • 11239 FIX: Check_MK Discovery: Revert werks 10534 and 11229
  • 11229 FIX: Check_MK discovery: Was not always able to discover new snmp checks
  • 10534 FIX: Check_MK discovery: Was not always able to discover new snmp checks
  • 10094 FIX: Checkmk Discovery: Fixed crash if a host has no data sources configured
  • 10593 FIX: Crash caused by displaying levels in the order of microseconds
  • 10156 FIX: Crash upon unexpected resource ID
  • 10168 FIX: Disable CLUSTER sections in sample logwatch.cfg
  • 11344 FIX: Discover correct galera setups
  • 11144 FIX: Display graph for SAP HANA License
  • 8932 FIX: Do not crash if at least one data set of resources, groups, system or cluster is missing
  • 10657 FIX: Domino check plugins: detect more devices
  • 7446 FIX: EMKA checks did not recognize devices with recent sysObjectID
  • 7453 FIX: Fix CPU utilization graph winperf_processor.util
  • 10406 FIX: Fix Domino task check pluging to use newer PS check functions
  • 7448 FIX: Fix RRD Metadata update script for Filesystem checks
  • 7449 FIX: Fix Remove spurious perfdata in IF checks
  • 10771 FIX: Fix Service rediscovery for ucd_cpu_util
  • 8914 FIX: Fix calculation of latency for netapp_api_vs_traffic 2
  • 10038 FIX: Fix cmk/check_mk_server:yes label related issues
  • 10840 FIX: Fix evaluation of time specific parameters if default parameters are tuple based
  • 10415 FIX: Fix linux agent for MRPE on non-root use
  • 10787 FIX: Fix missing new line in ESX agent which may break various sections and services may go UNKNOWN
  • 10775 FIX: Fix netapp_api_fcp pending status for inactive ports
  • 11393 FIX: Fix perfometer ups-capacity
  • 7962 FIX: Fix various bugs in the liebert* check plugins
  • 8901 FIX: Fixed calculation of latency for netapp check
  • 10313 FIX: Fixed check_ping
  • 7705 FIX: Fixed checking Checkmk version if agent is connected via programs like ssh
  • 10765 FIX: Fixed listing of plugins in view Agents and Plugins
  • 10222 FIX: Fixed missing thresholds in some CPU utilization graphs
  • 8896 FIX: Fixed rare crash when a plugin should be terminated
  • 8908 FIX: Fixes calculations of latency for netapp_api_vs_traffic
  • 10831 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Unsorted branches may pollute inventory archive
  • 10216 FIX: IPMI Management Board: Fixed missing services
  • 11135 FIX: Instance detection of mk_postgres
  • 10600 FIX: Interface Bonding
  • 10674 FIX: Interface bandwith: Add missing perf-O-meter for in/out measured in bits/s
  • 10737 FIX: Kubernetes: don’t crash if resized PVCs exist
  • 10740 FIX: Kubernetes: don’t crash on invalid roles
  • 10563 FIX: Linux agent: Fix possible encoding issues of Python plugins
  • 8830 FIX: MSSQL checks: Do not crash if line contains invalid data
  • 10116 FIX: Make fileinfo work again on old Perl versions
  • 10892 FIX: Make hr_mem work with corrupt memory units (e.g. ‘4096 Bytes’)
  • 11231 FIX: Management Board: Use IPv6 address of the host if no management address is configured and host is IPv6
  • 11232 FIX: Management Boards: Use DNS cache while looking up IP address
  • 11233 FIX: Manual checks: Do not overwrite static parameters with check group parameters
  • 11155 FIX: Monitoring of AWS EC2 instances
  • 11102 FIX: No OIDs found when using stored SNMP walks for simulation
  • 10676 FIX: OpenHardwareMonitor: Fixed a bug that prevented the generation of the section
  • 10446 FIX: Output bits/s with the appropriate SI magnitude
  • 10988 FIX: Periodic service discovery: Fix not working “rediscovery scheduled” on clusters
  • 8897 FIX: Plug-in configuration is correctly processed by the agent
  • 7712 FIX: Realtime Encryption fix
  • 7709 FIX: Removed remaining, deprecated ‘check{name,type}’ argument in discovery functions which led to crashes during discovery
  • 10085 FIX: Service discovery page: Do not show long output of services
  • 10984 FIX: Show upper levels in bandwidth graph
  • 8836 FIX: Solaris & AIX Agents: PS agent output now includes etime and pid
  • 11241 FIX: Status of the Check_MK services: Fix unhandled ‘State in case of restricted address missmatch’ parameter
  • 11242 FIX: Status of the Check_MK services: Individual, per data source configured parameters had no effect
  • 10304 FIX: Support for ceph nautilus 14.x
  • 10683 FIX: The plugin Windows tasks supports now new-line chars in task descrition
  • 7270 FIX: Timespecific parameters: Some checks no longer loose discovered check parameters
  • 7929 FIX: Unified rendering of percentage values in service details, graphs and other places
  • 11345 FIX: Use correct periods for AWS
  • 10487 FIX: Warn if host has tag “Always use and expect piggback data” and no piggyback data is available
  • 10686 FIX: Windows Agent Installer no longer supports changing the destination folder
  • 10192 FIX: Windows Agent User Config file is no more reset after service restart
  • 10198 FIX: Windows Agent can be configured to use also non-WMI API to get data about running processes
  • 10191 FIX: Windows Agent doesn’t add ‘cached’ info into the piggybacks’ headers
  • 10678 FIX: Windows Agent fileinfo generates output entries for glob patterns in all cases
  • 10679 FIX: Windows Agent installs correctly cap file with empty files inside
  • 10694 FIX: Windows Agent is able to install plugins.cap with empty files
  • 10189 FIX: Windows Agent reports allowed IP addresses correctly
  • 10680 FIX: Windows Agent section systemtime adds ‘\n’ at the end of the output
  • 10190 FIX: Windows Agent sends ‘TCP counters’ subsection for skype section
  • 10693 FIX: Windows Agent supports log file paths which contain white spaces
  • 10193 FIX: Windows Agent: Invalid entries have been removed from logwatch
  • 8893 FIX: Windows Agent: Openhardwaremonitor is launched only once
  • 10688 FIX: Windows agent ps section now reports correct process uptime
  • 10205 FIX: Windows mysql plugin has been improved to process also paths without double quotes
  • 10784 FIX: Windows tasks check-plugin now deals with long named scheduled tasks
  • 10682 FIX: Windows: Inventory correctly reports IP addresses for more than one network card
  • 11206 FIX: Wrong age reported for ESX snapshots
  • 11227 FIX: [mgmt_]hp_proliant_temp: Fix unknown temperature sensor condition state
  • 10214 FIX: agent_aws: Add ELBv2 network and application load balancer sections
  • 10901 FIX: agent_aws: Bug fix for instances with multiple volumes
  • 10360 FIX: agent_aws: Fetch live data from AWS if special agent configuration has changed
  • 10210 FIX: agent_aws: Fixed FilterLimitExceeded while collecting EC2 instance attributes
  • 10103 FIX: agent_aws: Skip S3 buckets for which the location cannot be retrieved (AccessDenied)
  • 10015 FIX: agent_azure: Do not crash if offer type has no consumption API
  • 10478 FIX: agent_azure: Do not warn about missing usage details for one hour
  • 10474 FIX: agent_azure: No longer report missing metrics as warning
  • 10477 FIX: agent_azure: recover from missing metrics
  • 11115 FIX: agent_bi: Filter by groups
  • 10941 FIX: agent_graylog: Fixed usage of password store
  • 10007 FIX: agent_hp_msa: Properly connect to 2040/2042 devices
  • 8799 FIX: agent_kubernetes: accept millibytes as unit
  • 8798 FIX: agent_kubernetes: allow the option ‘No IP’ for the Kubernetes master
  • 11148 FIX: agent_prometheus: correct handling of cAdvisor pod memory
  • 11147 FIX: agent_prometheus: handling of case where some promql queries return empty results
  • 10812 FIX: agent_splunk: Make instance an optional parameter
  • 10811 FIX: agent_splunk: Password store can now be used
  • 10329 FIX: agent_splunk: Prevent InsecureRequestWarning
  • 10757 FIX: agent_ucs_bladecenter: Always output faultinst section
  • 7920 FIX: agent_ucs_bladecenter:Handles lowercased first letter of attribute names (UCS-B series)
  • 8975 FIX: agent_vsphere: Fix name of host system power display on VM
  • 8937 FIX: aix_diskiod: Skip lines which do not contain data about DISK IO
  • 10473 FIX: aix_diskoid,hpux_lunstats: Allow Disk IO SUMMARY for indiviual nodes of a cluster
  • 7796 FIX: aix_if: Do not crash if agent does not send information about ‘flags’
  • 10833 FIX: aix_multipath: Service state is CRIT if #paths which are not enabled is at least 50%
  • 8832 FIX: akcp_sensor_humidity: Do not crash if percentual value about humidity is missing
  • 7846 FIX: apache_status: Add missing SLES12 process ‘httpd-prefork’
  • 7835 FIX: apc_symmetra: Treat unknown battery status as UNKNOWN instead of crashing
  • 7865 FIX: aws_agent and aws checks: Fixed exception with empty EC2 instance list and output of identical WARN/CRIT messages
  • 11333 FIX: aws_agent: enable cache to reduce live data requests
  • 11093 FIX: aws_cloudwatch_alarms_limits: fix discovery
  • 8949 FIX: aws_ec2.disk_io: Do not crash if some values about disk IO are missing
  • 11209 FIX: aws_ec2_limits crashes on unhandled KeyError
  • 10212 FIX: aws_limits: Fixed parsing old agent data which does not contain information about region
  • 10101 FIX: aws_rds.{bin_log_usage,transaction_logs_usage,replication_slot_usage}: Fixed discovering services
  • 10905 FIX: brocade_fcport: Falsely displayed wrong state
  • 10568 FIX: brocade_fcport: Get table offset with interface index
  • 10665 FIX: brocade_optical: Do not crash if device does not send temperature values for some interfaces
  • 7469 FIX: brocade_sfp: Fixed discovery crash if any value is -inf
  • 8826 FIX: canon_pages: Fixed SNMP scan of Canon printers
  • 11113 FIX: casa_cpu_mem: render bytes in IEC (base 1024) units
  • 8815 FIX: ceph_df: Fixed wrong calculation of size and available space
  • 10649 FIX: ceph_status.pgs: Fixed Unknown service state for ‘peering’
  • 11213 FIX: ceph_status: OSDS check crashed when ‘full’ or ‘nearfull’ indicators are not available
  • 10594 FIX: check_bi_aggr: Option “Track downtimes” was broken in version 1.6.0
  • 10817 FIX: check_dns: Act case-insensitive
  • 10983 FIX: check_dns: Fix “DNS CRITICAL - expected ‘A,B,…’ but got ‘B,A,…’”
  • 10823 FIX: check_dns: Fixed query if multiple expected addresses are configured
  • 10010 FIX: check_http: GUI error in case 1.5.0 config included proxy port
  • 10011 FIX: check_http: remove uri validator
  • 8972 FIX: check_icmp: Bug fix for connecting option IPv6
  • 7811 FIX: check_mail_loop: Fix “Unhandled exception: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘text’” error
  • 10358 FIX: check_mail_loop: Fixed exception: Failed to fetch mail NR (‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getitem’)
  • 11208 FIX: check_mailboxes: Handle invalid mailbox names
  • 11041 FIX: check_mailboxes: only use SSL encryption if configured
  • 7951 FIX: check_mk: Don’t crash upon missing hostname
  • 10830 FIX: check_mk_agent.aix: Fixed staleness of some services which originate from agent plugins which run asynchronously
  • 10217 FIX: check_mk_agent.linux: Fixed docker_container_mem section
  • 10206 FIX: check_mk_agent.solaris: Fixed missing MTIME which broke the agent data parsing
  • 7915 FIX: check_mk_agent.{aix,linux,openwrt}: Fixed accessing $SPOOLDIR
  • 7932 FIX: check_sftp: support for custom ports for SFTP
  • 10076 FIX: check_traceroute: Fixed IP address error while doing the check
  • 10208 FIX: check_traceroute: Fixed detection of routers which led to wrong service results
  • 10989 FIX: checkpoint_packets: Fixed handling of missing ESP en-/decrypted packets
  • 7863 FIX: chrony: Fixed detection of unreachable NTP servers
  • 10102 FIX: cifsmounts: Now displays performance data as check plugin nfsmounts does
  • 11038 FIX: cifsmounts: fix erroneous display of ‘stale fs handle’
  • 10952 FIX: cisco_asa_conn: fix of scan function for cisco_asa_conn check plugin
  • 11003 FIX: cisco_asa_connection: fix of scan function for cisco_asa_connections check plugin
  • 10637 FIX: cisco_cpu_memory: fix for unit conversion
  • 8929 FIX: cisco_fan: Fixed crash if device status is unknown
  • 10081 FIX: cisco_secure: More robust parsing for interfaces
  • 10144 FIX: cisco_temperature.dom: Do not crash if no device levels are present
  • 8945 FIX: cisco_temperature: If the SNMP device does not send a temperature value, use the device state instead
  • 8802 FIX: cisco_wlc: Fixed support for Cisco WLC devices
  • 8944 FIX: cisco_wlc_clients: Fixed crash if lower levels but no upper levels are set
  • 8928 FIX: citrix_controller: Add the licensing grace state ‘Expired’
  • 7837 FIX: citrix_controller: Fixed several problems if some values are missing
  • 7798 FIX: citrix_licenses: Fixed crash if agent plugin sends errors because it could not be executed
  • 8931 FIX: cmctc_state: Handle unknown states
  • 10832 FIX: cpu_util: Prefer old ‘levels’ parameters if both ‘levels’ and ‘util’ parameters are configured
  • 8941 FIX: db2_bp_hitratios: Do not crash if no hit ratio data is available on the related node
  • 7783 FIX: db2_bp_hitratios: Fixed parsing instances in DPF mode: ‘KeyError: None’; only gather real instances
  • 8957 FIX: dell_compellent_controller, dell_compellent_disks, dell_compellent_enclosure: Fixed unknown device state crash
  • 10267 FIX: dell_compellent_disks would not see more than 9 disks
  • 11044 FIX: dell_idrac_fans: don’t crash on unknown device states
  • 8926 FIX: dell_idrac_info: Fixed crash if BIOS date cannot be converted or is missing
  • 8935 FIX: dell_om_processors: Unknown device or CPU state cause an UNKNOWN service state
  • 7886 FIX: dell_om_sensors: Fix crashing temperature check for certain devices not reporting crit values
  • 8942 FIX: dell_poweredge_temp: Do not discover if temperature sensor does not contain valid temperature values
  • 11161 FIX: df check returns separate sub-results in order to provide distinct WARN/CRIT marker
  • 10998 FIX: df.include: Fix discovery of empty filesystem groups
  • 8970 FIX: diskstat: fix of parsing functionality concerning device names
  • 10640 FIX: diskstat: fix of unit conversion for utilization
  • 10584 FIX: docker_container_mem: consider caches and drop zero metrics
  • 10895 FIX: docker_container_status: discovery fix where healthcheck is not available
  • 8980 FIX: docker_node_info: Support yet another output format
  • 11326 FIX: drdb: fixed invalid check parameters at discovery stage
  • 10448 FIX: emc_datadomain_mtree: add missing metric definition
  • 8821 FIX: emc_datadomain_temps: Do not discover missing temperature sensors
  • 7788 FIX: emcvnx_mirrorview: Skip invalid data: ‘Error occurred during HTTP request/response from the target’
  • 10155 FIX: emcvnx_storage_pools: Crash upon missing auto-tiering info
  • 8834 FIX: enterasys_powersupply: Do not crashed while translating redundancy and supply types
  • 10092 FIX: esx_vsphere_clusters: Fixed gathering information from special agent which was broken
  • 7955 FIX: esx_vsphere_counters.diskio: Fix wrong count of I/O ops
  • 7753 FIX: esx_vsphere_counters: Fixed crash on missing values
  • 8955 FIX: esx_vsphere_hostsystem: Fixed evaluating additional CPU levels
  • 11249 FIX: esx_vsphere_vm.guest_tools: Treat unmanaged tools as OK
  • 10590 FIX: esx_vsphere_vm: Check age of oldest snapshot
  • 10591 FIX: ewon: Unbreak check plugin
  • 10605 FIX: f5_bigip_cluster_status.v11_2: finally remove deprecated Subcheck
  • 11128 FIX: f5_bigip_cpu_temp: replaced deprecated OID
  • 11130 FIX: f5_bigip_fans: fix duplicated items issue
  • 11129 FIX: f5_bigip_fans: replaced deprecated OID
  • 10363 FIX: f5_bigip_mem: Check no longer crashes when memory information are missing
  • 11125 FIX: f5_bigip_mem: Fix discovery of service
  • 10996 FIX: f5_bigip_vserver: Fixed scaling of connections duration min/max/mean
  • 7961 FIX: f5_bigip_vserver: Handle imcomplete information
  • 8933 FIX: fast_lta_headunit: Do not crash if states about head unit, slave and replication are missing
  • 6973 FIX: fileinfo: Fixed various bugs.
  • 7831 FIX: fileinfo: Warn if timestamp of file stat is missing
  • 7286 FIX: fileinfo: now able to discover files with umlauts again
  • 10894 FIX: fileinfo_groups: fix display bug in service discovery
  • 10582 FIX: fortigate_memory: Wrong interpretation levels other than ‘percent used’
  • 10581 FIX: fortigate_memory_base: Wrong interpretation of levels other than ‘percent used’
  • 10999 FIX: fortigate_sslvpn: Fix crash if old-style parameters
  • 11212 FIX: fortigate_sslvpn: could run into unhandled exception
  • 7797 FIX: fsc_fans: Do not discover fans for which the SNMP agent sends ‘NULL’
  • 11483 FIX: heartbeat_crm: Fix ExceptionTypeError if cluster is not availabe
  • 8948 FIX: heartbeat_crm: Fixed crash while checking status of the resource
  • 11042 FIX: heartbeat_crm: fix vanished services for Pacemaker >= 2.0
  • 11331 FIX: heartbeat_crm: fixed crash when checking pacemaker version 2.0.3
  • 11104 FIX: heartbeat_crm: go to CRIT if data is too old
  • 11392 FIX: heartbeat_crm: strict activation in agent
  • 11226 FIX: hitachi_hus_dku: Fixed informational text about component: “Processor” -> “Power Supply”
  • 8833 FIX: hp_msa_fan: Translate status and health status regardless of language
  • 10018 FIX: hp_msa_psu: Do not discover services with invalid data
  • 7782 FIX: hp_proliant_da_phydrv, hp_proliant_mem: Fixed crashes caused by different but partial similar SNMP info
  • 7784 FIX: hp_proliant_da_phydrv: Fixed missing smart status translation and made states readable
  • 8807 FIX: hp_proliant_temp: crash if temp device is not known
  • 8927 FIX: hp_psu.temp: Use generic ‘Item not found’ if data of an item is missing
  • 10586 FIX: hr_mem: Wrong handling of levels on free memory
  • 11328 FIX: hr_mem: avoid crash when evaluating irrelevant OID
  • 11329 FIX: hr_mem: exclude invalid memory stats from discovery
  • 10604 FIX: hyperv_vmstate: Consider Protocol_Mismatch ‘OK’
  • 10097 FIX: ibm_svc_enclosure: Do not crash if old-style parameters (None) where discovered
  • 10747 FIX: ibm_svc_mdisk: don’t crash on discovery
  • 11189 FIX: if.include: Better visualization of unicast and non-unicast packets
  • 10839 FIX: if.include: Fix missing performance data of interface groups on clusters
  • 11190 FIX: if.include: Fixed description and help text for average option for used bandwidth
  • 10716 FIX: if64_tplink: Improve support for interface aliases of TP-LINK switches
  • 7787 FIX: informix_status: Display server version or port if available - avoid crash if not
  • 10424 FIX: informix_tabextents: Addition of WATO rule configuration
  • 10592 FIX: ipmi: Go to CRIT if a sensor reports “In critical array”
  • 8956 FIX: ipmi_common.include: Fixed detecting temperature performance data
  • 7884 FIX: ipmi_sensors, mgmt_ipmi_sensors: Fix crashing parsing for a certain format of undefined device levels
  • 8792 FIX: ipmi_sensors: Fix crash in the parse function
  • 10334 FIX: ipmi_sensors: fix for sensor state ‘nc’ causing false alarms
  • 11116 FIX: job: Failed jobs are not OK just because a new one is running
  • 10650 FIX: job: Fixed wrong state marker
  • 11296 FIX: juniper_alarm: crashed when not applicable to device
  • 8939 FIX: juniper_trpz_aps_sessions: Skip radios which do not provide useful data
  • 10736 FIX: k8s_resources.pods: don’t count finished pods
  • 8943 FIX: kemp_loadmaster_services: Treat unknown service state as UNKNOWN
  • 7949 FIX: kernel.util, lparstat_aix.cpu_util: Remove duplicate CPU utilization graph
  • 8906 FIX: kubernetes agent should not crash with trailing / in URL prefix
  • 7834 FIX: liebert*: Do not crash if value could not be converted to float
  • 10596 FIX: liebert_system_events: Still discover, if no events are present
  • 10632 FIX: livestatus_status: Fix crash on invalid certification age
  • 8979 FIX: lnx_bonding: Fix key error if no aggregator ID is available
  • 10838 FIX: lnx_if: Fix grouping of interfaces on clusters
  • 10898 FIX: lnx_if: Fix unity parsing bug
  • 10494 FIX: lnx_if: Fixed confusion of interface state UNKNOWN, DOWN if ethtool output is missing
  • 7841 FIX: lnx_if: Fixed parsing interface address of tunnels on OpenBSD
  • 10014 FIX: lnx_quota: Do not crash if no user quotas are present
  • 10013 FIX: lnx_quota: Do not warn if soft limit is set to zero
  • 10181 FIX: local: Fix “Invalid performance data” on trailing semicolons
  • 7934 FIX: local: Fix bug of none existing level values
  • 10597 FIX: local: Local check services no longer get skipped for outdated data
  • 10896 FIX: local: Ordering of information text output
  • 7488 FIX: logwatch.groups: Deduplicate lines if more that one pattern matches
  • 7491 FIX: logwatch: fix reclassification for non-ASCII characters
  • 10145 FIX: logwatch_ec: Unjustified ‘Invalid parameter’ warning
  • 10741 FIX: lparstat_aix.cpu_util: display the correct physical CPU consumption
  • 10748 FIX: lvm_lvs: add missing performance data
  • 8923 FIX: lxc_container_cpu: Do not crash if USER and SYSTEM values are missing
  • 10498 FIX: mbg_lantime.include: Fixed wrong scaling of upper thresholds for offset values
  • 8940 FIX: mbg_lantime_ng_refclock: Fixed crash if field strength cannot be calculated
  • 10575 FIX: mcafee_av_client: Revised detection of McAfee plugin on 64 and 32 bit systems
  • 7799 FIX: mcafee_webgateway_misc: Fixed crash if SNMP agent sends an empty string for clients or sockets
  • 8920 FIX: megaraid_ldisks: Show generic message ‘Item not found’ if state information is missing
  • 11303 FIX: mem.linux: false CRIT status when VmallocChunk is set to 0 kB
  • 10440 FIX: metrics: retrieve graph for ‘Number of processes’
  • 10135 FIX: mk_docker.py: Do not crash upon removed images
  • 11076 FIX: mk_docker.py: Do not create agent section when executed on non-docker host
  • 10016 FIX: mk_docker.py: crash in diskstat section
  • 10019 FIX: mk_jolokia,agent_jolokia: Continue on missing SEARCH permission
  • 10143 FIX: mk_logwatch: Bring back python 2.6 compatibility
  • 10006 FIX: mk_logwatch: Do not crash upon non-matching optional subgroups and rewrites
  • 10009 FIX: mk_logwatch: Empty lines in config files are ignored entirely
  • 10169 FIX: mk_logwatch: Fix “random” missing logfile when monitoring through xinetd
  • 10990 FIX: mk_logwatch: Fixed state file name if REMOTE_HOST variable contains extended IPv4 address
  • 8978 FIX: mk_logwatch: Use preferred locale encoding when guessing the encoding of a log file
  • 10008 FIX: mk_logwatch: acceppt ‘1’/‘0’ and ‘yes’/‘no’ for boolean options
  • 7486 FIX: mk_logwatch: also consider environment variable REMOTE_ADDR
  • 10141 FIX: mk_logwatch: be more robust against unexpected file encoding
  • 11133 FIX: mk_logwatch: no longer resolve symlinks
  • 7485 FIX: mk_mysql: look in local config files for socket definitions
  • 8803 FIX: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed two small copy & paste errors
  • 10847 FIX: mk_oracle: Broken instance specific login in some cases
  • 10672 FIX: mk_oracle: Bugfix for wrong sid definition in Custom SQL
  • 10501 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed SQL for Databasese <= 11.2 which leads to errors and missing jobs
  • 10504 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed invalid line “elapsed-time” in Oracle instance section if a SQL error occurs
  • 10507 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed missing option to set the TNS_ADMIN in the bakery
  • 10508 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed missing sysdg as role choice
  • 8827 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed saving agent plugin rule “ORACLE Databases”
  • 10513 FIX: mk_oracle: removed ts_quotas from plugin output
  • 7781 FIX: mk_postgres: Fixed invalid SQL-statements and version parsing
  • 10997 FIX: mk_postgres: Fixed query “Last vaccum”
  • 7919 FIX: mk_sap_hana: Do not write empty loglines which let the logwatch check crash
  • 8950 FIX: mknotifyd: Do not crash if agent output contains invalid lines
  • 7833 FIX: mongodb_flushing: Fixed scaling and missing titles for performance values ‘Flush time’, ‘#Flushes’ and ‘Average flush time’
  • 8947 FIX: mq_queues: Fixed crash because default parameters were not discovered correctly
  • 7791 FIX: msexch_autodiscovery: Fixed WMI time handling if frequency is empty which caused a ValueError
  • 7836 FIX: msexch_autodiscovery: Fixed configuration error: Found ‘%s’ in service description
  • 10573 FIX: msoffice_licenses: Fixed ZeroDevisionError
  • 11268 FIX: mssql.vbs: Add SQL Server Native Client provider 11 (SQLNCLI11)
  • 10099 FIX: mssql_blocked_sessions: Fixed vanished services if no blocked sessions are sent from agent plugin
  • 10744 FIX: mssql_blocked_sessions: don’t crash in clustered setup
  • 10835 FIX: mssql_counters.cache_hits: Services go stale if no data is sent from agent
  • 7887 FIX: mssql_counters.file_sizes: Add missing performance value log_files_used
  • 10348 FIX: mssql_databases: Do not alert if instance is not running
  • 7792 FIX: mssql_instance: Fixed parsing invalid lines containing DB connection errors
  • 10742 FIX: mssql_tablespaces: reintroduce missing performance data
  • 10670 FIX: mssql_transactionlogs, mssql_datafiles: Do not apply percentual levels if the reference size is zero
  • 10184 FIX: mtr mk_jolokia apache_status mk_mongodb: Fixed Python 2.5 compatibility of agent plugins
  • 10669 FIX: mtr: Fixed applying levels configured in WATO which had no effect
  • 10668 FIX: mtr: Fixed summary state which is always OK if at least one partial result is OK
  • 7708 FIX: multipath: All Services have been UNKNOWN if one line in the agent output was malformed
  • 10480 FIX: mysql_connections: Adjust default value for instance name in manual check
  • 7844 FIX: netapp-api-volumes: Fixed scaling of latency values
  • 8925 FIX: netapp_api_aggr: Do not discover if needed values about available and total size are missing
  • 11141 FIX: netapp_api_if: crashed when parsing virtual interfaces on ONTAP
  • 11368 FIX: netapp_api_luns: Report correct total size
  • 10211 FIX: netapp_api_volumes: Fixed scaling of latency values for ALL protocols
  • 8829 FIX: netapp_api_volumes: Fixed wrong scaling of latency values
  • 10464 FIX: netscaler_vserver: output health information
  • 7885 FIX: nfsiostat: Fix broken configuration
  • 11040 FIX: nfsiostat: don’t crash if dots are present in mount point
  • 10147 FIX: nginx_status: requests metric is now correctly the rate
  • 7830 FIX: nimble_latency, nimble_latency.write: Fixed interpretation of read values as write values
  • 7918 FIX: nimble_latency: Do not crash and do not discover if required values are missing
  • 11330 FIX: nimble_latency: changed metric unit to percent of total volume
  • 8801 FIX: oracle_crs_res, oracle_crs_version, oracle_crs_voting: Fixed error in parameters view
  • 7785 FIX: oracle_crs_res: Fixed parsing old agent output where node name as first column is missing
  • 11270 FIX: oracle_instance: Fix missing uptime column if status data inventory is enabled
  • 10673 FIX: oracle_instance: Fixed evaluating amount of logins if Oracle DB is a PDB
  • 10662 FIX: oracle_jobs: Fixed IndexError while discovery
  • 10509 FIX: oracle_rman: Fixed wrong incremental Level 1 Backup
  • 7794 FIX: oracle_sessions: Fixed parsing invalid lines containg ‘FAILURE’ instead of amount of current sessions
  • 10598 FIX: pfsense_if: Averaging hours instead of minutes
  • 7843 FIX: pfsense_if: Return ‘Item not found in SNMP data’ instead of crashing
  • 10500 FIX: postfix_mailq: Also discover the default queue which can exist even if multiple instances are configured
  • 11342 FIX: postgres_instances: Set status to CRIT in case no instance is running
  • 7432 FIX: postgres_instances: fix crash of the parse function
  • 10834 FIX: postgres_stats: Fix calculation of oldest analysed/vacuumed element
  • 7786 FIX: printer_pages: Fixed parsing total amount of pages if not available
  • 10824 FIX: printer_supply: Fixed unit of performance data which is not measured in percent in general
  • 11515 FIX: prism_containers: Fix evaluation of percentage levels and scale of levels in graphs
  • 10000 FIX: ps, docker_container_mem: Fix garbled sections if ps is not available
  • 10588 FIX: ps: Handling of non-ASCII characters during process discovery
  • 10449 FIX: ps: cleanup counters of processes which do not exist anymore
  • 7430 FIX: ps: fix empty output on older distros with cgroups
  • 7420 FIX: ps: only show processes which do not belong to a docker container
  • 7789 FIX: rds_licenses: Skip check plugin if no data available
  • 8934 FIX: rstcli: Skip check plugin if command rstcli is not found
  • 11132 FIX: salesforce agent: fix encoding bug
  • 8921 FIX: sansymphony_serverstatus: Do not discover if info empty
  • 10139 FIX: sap_hana_backup: Don’t crash upon missing timestamp
  • 11513 FIX: sap_hana_diskusage: Fix scaling of filesystem values in service graphs
  • 11034 FIX: sap_hana_ess: Fixed permanent crit state of started threads
  • 8953 FIX: sap_hana_events: Do not gather informational, low or medium alerts
  • 8977 FIX: skype.mobile: Fix crash in case of missing counters
  • 10633 FIX: skype: fixed magnitude of latency value
  • 10482 FIX: smart plugin: Fix regression: Missing temperature
  • 10497 FIX: solaris_services: Fixed discovery of services if output additionally contains time information
  • 10856 FIX: sophos_memory: fix of metric name for correct performance graph display
  • 7790 FIX: statgrab_cpu: Fixed parsing CPU values; Some values may be missing
  • 10484 FIX: statgrab_mem,aix_memory,docker_container_mem,ps,solaris_mem,emc_ecs_mem,mem.used: Fix some wrong levels in the graphs
  • 7959 FIX: statgrab_mem,aix_memory,docker_conteiner_mem,solaris_mem,mem: Fixed wrong unit of SWAP in service output
  • 10903 FIX: storeonce.include: Fix calculation bug
  • 7832 FIX: storeonce_clusterinfo: Do not crash if deduplication ratio is missing
  • 10756 FIX: storeonce_servicesets.capacity: Fixed handling of old format
  • 8823 FIX: stormshield_cluster, stormshield_cluster_node: Do not discover services if cluster info is missing
  • 8962 FIX: supermicro: Fix discovery of ‘Overall Hardware Health’ service
  • 7933 FIX: supermicro: Fix oid for more sophisticated detection of Linux systems
  • 11298 FIX: suseconnect: replace error message with no services discovered when licensing information is not found
  • 10300 FIX: sym_brightmail_queues: bug fix where WATO configuration did not alter behaviour
  • 10710 FIX: systemd: Do not mark the agent unit failed on single agent failure
  • 10070 FIX: systemd: Fixed possible memory leak related to KillMode in unit file
  • 11211 FIX: systemd_units.services could run into unhandled TypeError
  • 11103 FIX: systemd_units: Fix parsing error
  • 10985 FIX: systemd_units: Fix single service discovery
  • 7892 FIX: systemd_units: fix broken discovery rule
  • 11221 FIX: systemtime: Offset for vSphere special agent
  • 8999 FIX: tcp_conn_stats: display of all tcp metrics in one single graph
  • 8936 FIX: tsm_scratch: Do not crash and skip check if agent sends invalid data
  • 11134 FIX: ucd check: discover Microsens devices
  • 10907 FIX: ucd_cpu_util: Fix CPU utilization calculation
  • 11126 FIX: ucd_cpu_util: Fix wrong CPU utilization
  • 7921 FIX: ucs_bladecenter_if: Use port ID if port name is missing
  • 11123 FIX: ups_capacity can handle battery/time_left = 0
  • 11266 FIX: ups_out_load, ups_power: Fix discovery of output lines with zero load resp. power
  • 8831 FIX: ups_test: Show generic message ‘Item not found’ if needed values (UPS diagnostics) are missing
  • 7813 FIX: veeam_jobs: Clarify output
  • 8922 FIX: veeam_tapejobs: Fixed crash because of missing columns
  • 7493 FIX: veeam_tapejobs: fix mixed up running time for running jobs
  • 7945 FIX: veeam_tapejobs: treat idle background jobs like working ones
  • 11365 FIX: vms_if: Fix broken discovery and check execution
  • 7793 FIX: watchdog_sensors: Do not proceed parsing sensor data if no version information is available
  • 7923 FIX: websphere_mq_queues: Do not crash if timestamp of a queue could not be parsed
  • 8938 FIX: websphere_mq_queues: Skip lines if agent sends testing or invalid data
  • 7847 FIX: win_printers: Fixed discovery of printers which include spaces in the printer name; This also fixes ‘Printer not found’ while checking
  • 7839 FIX: winperf_if: Do not crash if agent does not send any data about interfaces
  • 7780 FIX: winperf_if: Fixed crash while parsing counters section
  • 11106 FIX: winperf_processor.util: Crash in case of services disovered pre 1.6
  • 7842 FIX: winperf_processor.util: Fixed ‘ValueError’ while gathering statistics about processor util
  • 10362 FIX: winperf_processor: Fixed crash when perfdata are missing
  • 11101 FIX: winperf_processor: Ineffective ruleset
  • 10020 FIX: winperf_tcp_conn: fix for parse function of winperf tcp check
  • 8808 FIX: zfsget: readd fallback for very old zfs pool versions
  • 7928 FIX: zfsget: whitespace in name discovery bugfix
  • 11157 FIX: AWS EC2 Limits
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11094 FIX: AWS RDS
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11095 FIX: AWS S3
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10778 FIX: Cisco CPU checks: relax SNMP scan function
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10266 FIX: Correct wording in Eternus DX checks
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10408 FIX: Don’t discover lparstat service on host without util info
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 8911 FIX: Fix CRIT criterion for k8s_pod_container
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7862 FIX: Fix parsing of MongDB server status in cluster
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11277 FIX: Fix wrong allocation of colorant for printer supplies
  • 10818 FIX: IPMI Management Board: Do not report GPU sensors if not installed
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11484 FIX: Management Board: Remove explicit check plugins
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11156 FIX: Monitoring of AWS RDS DBs
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10599 FIX: Network interfaces: Handle illegal description/alias characters differently
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10447 FIX: agent_kubernetes: use new API versions
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10065 FIX: apc_ats_output: Fixed scan function for devices where services were missing
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11222 FIX: apc_rackpdu_power: Discover correct bank numbers
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7917 FIX: aws_costs_and_usage: Fixed missing service condition in related parameter set
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10356 FIX: bluenet2_powerrail.{temp,humidity}: Fixed discovery of ALL temperature and humidity sensors
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10324 FIX: carel_sensors: Fixed error while discovery
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10451 FIX: check_http: don’t set virtual host if not necessary
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10463 FIX: cisco_power: discover unique items in one edge case
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 8976 FIX: cisco_temperature.dom: Discover up interfaces by default
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7852 FIX: df: Filesystems of type devtmpfs are now ignored completely
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7850 FIX: df: Fixed broken exclusion of zfs file systems
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10073 FIX: f5_bigip_vserver: Fixed ValueError while ip parsing
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10857 FIX: hp_proliant_power: removal of unsuitable default parameters
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11267 FIX: if_fortigate: Use ifName as ifAlias
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10815 FIX: isc_dhcpd: Use alternative for pidof on Debian Buster
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11048 FIX: k8s_stats.fs: ignore /var/lib/docker overlay and /dev/shm filesystems
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10343 FIX: lnx_if: Fixed flapping discovery of interfaces if output of ethtool is missing
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10218 FIX: lnx_if: Fixed wrong interpretation of interface status
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10579 FIX: logwatch: Invalid check parameter: Undefined key ‘pre_comp_group_patterns’
  • 11107 FIX: mgmt_fsc_sc2_cpu_status: Typo in service description
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10154 FIX: mgmt_ipmi_sensors: Missing service details for IPMI sensors services
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11198 FIX: mk-job.solaris: Fixed MK_VARDIR
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10146 FIX: mk_logwatch.aix: Rename to mk_errpt.aix
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7487 FIX: mk_logwatch: Consider ‘Do not deploy’ in bakery
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7490 FIX: mk_logwatch: enforce utf-8 encoding of config files
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10852 FIX: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed missing sqls in rman section
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10853 FIX: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed missing update of SQLs
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10514 FIX: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed version check for instance services
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 8806 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed discovery of XE instances on Oracle 18c
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11371 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed failed login with specific credentials
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 8805 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed jobs with auto_drop
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10512 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed wrong check for oracle version
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10845 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed wrong credentials for remote intances in bakery
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10359 FIX: mk_oracle: better support for mounted databases
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7425 FIX: mk_postgres, postgres_instances: fix plugin output for older operating systems
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7424 FIX: mk_postgres: add missing database parameter
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7423 FIX: mk_postgres: fix syntax error
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7426 FIX: mk_postgres: fix the version detection when using an MK_CONFFILE
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7431 FIX: mk_postgres: version detection may fail
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10151 FIX: mssql: Sanitize mssql ini file name
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10495 FIX: mssql_connections: Remove default levels 20, 50 which are not useful in general
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 8900 FIX: mysql_capacity: Fix problem with warn/crit size
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7802 FIX: oracle_asm_diskgroup: Fixed calculation of voting files
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7947 FIX: ps: Missing services for non-matching subexpressions
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10321 FIX: smart: Fixed wrong device name for device types other than NVME
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10908 FIX: snmp_uptime: Fix crash for some Fortigate devices
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11005 FIX: veeam_client: Remove all non-printable ASCII characters from piggyback section name
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11224 FIX: winperf_phydisk: Interpret averaging parameter correctly
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7845 FIX: winperf_processor: Changed default levels back to 101, 101 percent in order avoid a lot of false alarms
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10595 FIX: wmi.include: Removed inventory_wmi_table
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Core & setup:

  • 10291 New Checkmk REST-API introduced
  • 11080 Port Checkmk to Python 3
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7986 Service labels can be used as rule conditions
  • 7978 Service labels can now be discovered
  • 8879 Docker: Enable status data inventory for nodes by default
  • 10560 Extension packages: Add informational “Valid until version” field
  • 10564 Extension packages: Checkmk can now ship optional packages
  • 11490 Remove cmk -B and cmk -C commands
  • 10888 Vanilla agent RPM packages are now signed
  • 10752 The websphere_mq plugin is now deprecated
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10658 lnx_if: Discover speed from /sys/class/net/INTERFACE/speed if ethtool missing
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11263 SEC: Fix piggyback path traversal
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7444 FIX: Rename metric name in Filesystem checks from mount point to fs_used
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10107 FIX: CLI: Don’t crash on manual parent scan from the command line without a specific host
  • 7770 FIX: Fix “Periodic service discovery” disabling rules breaking config
  • 8880 FIX: Fix SNMP management board credentials
  • 7769 FIX: Fix broken computation of host contact groups in some cases
  • 10238 FIX: Fix rule matching issue on subfolders with common prefix
  • 8788 FIX: “Periodic service discovery” breaks Nagios config generation
  • 11160 FIX: CSV/JSON/Python exports of views: improve formatting of labels
  • 10182 FIX: Cleanup version specific cache files during version updates
  • 10172 FIX: Discovery service is now correctly operating on the WATO config instead of core config
  • 10262 FIX: Discovery: Do not show unrelated discovery function warnings
  • 10551 FIX: Docker container: Fix URL redirects when accessing /
  • 11086 FIX: Docker container: Fix usage behind reverse proxies
  • 11257 FIX: Docker contianer: Fix container detection in podman containers
  • 8866 FIX: Docker: Fix GUI redirects (1.6 regression)
  • 10877 FIX: Fix “cmk” call with more than two -v arguments
  • 8856 FIX: Fix autocheck conversion of old if64 checks
  • 7907 FIX: Fix broken ‘cmk --flush HOST’ command
  • 10621 FIX: Fix bug where scheduler would become inactive
  • 10166 FIX: Fix cmcdump issue during config activation
  • 10042 FIX: Fix exception caused by autochecks with integers as items
  • 10620 FIX: Fix parsing of invalid state history files
  • 8883 FIX: Fix possible “module has no attribute core” issue
  • 10045 FIX: Fix possible “variable referenced before assignment” during bulk discovery
  • 7972 FIX: Fix possible error when checking on command line with missing piggyback_sources directory
  • 10701 FIX: Fix possible timeout exception during site update
  • 10377 FIX: Fix terminating “cmk --update-dns-cache” with CTRL+C
  • 10033 FIX: Flap detection settings for services: Could not be defined per service
  • 10378 FIX: Improve “Update DNS cache” / cmk --update-dns-cache performance
  • 10254 FIX: Improve error handling of incompatible discovery functions
  • 10538 FIX: Improved livestatus query performance on some gui pages/features
  • 10183 FIX: MKPs: Set extraction time as mtime on files extracted from MKPs
  • 10361 FIX: MKTimeout exceptions no longer fails with no argument
  • 11497 FIX: Notification spooler: Fix potential cluster issues when trying to stop mknotifyd
  • 10622 FIX: Passive objects cannot be activated
  • 10883 FIX: Prevent empty service descriptions from being activated
  • 7816 FIX: Removed “cmk --donate” command
  • 7443 FIX: SW/HW inventory filters only query for information when configured
  • 7984 FIX: Service labels assigned with ruleset matched on all services of a host
  • 11016 FIX: Validate datasource of cluster and its nodes
  • 7902 FIX: cmk --localize update: Finds relevant texts again
  • 8855 FIX: cmk-update-config: Improve error handling
  • 7281 FIX: legacy local plugins: added missing register_hook call

Event console:

  • 11236 Event Console/SNMP Credentials: Add additional privacy and authentication protocols
  • 11261 FIX: Fix performance regression caused by too many live status queries between EC and core
  • 10040 FIX: Fix wrong core host name in events when using host name rewriting
  • 10122 FIX: Fixed performance regression for event console history queries.
  • 8874 FIX: EC: Fix invalid link to EC views in “Events” services
  • 11260 FIX: Fix crash in EC configuration (regression since 1.6.0p14)
  • 7939 FIX: Fixed address => host name mapping for events
  • 7937 FIX: Fixed handling of old event console configurations
  • 10121 FIX: Fixed race condition regarding host information
  • 10849 FIX: Increased size of field for syslog application tag in new rule
  • 11029 FIX: Prevent duplicated rule packs when updating mkp
  • 10307 FIX: Resolve conflict event console archive event
  • 8797 FIX: Show the Contact Person in the Event Details view
  • 11250 FIX: mkeventd_status: Check was showing wrong list of active host limits
  • 11087 FIX: mkeventd_status: Check was showing wrong list of active rule limits
  • 10125 FIX: Fixed separator of SNMP trap messages
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

HW/SW Inventory:

  • 10928 Obtain “V$SYSTEM_PARAMETER” from Oracle DB

HW/SW inventory:

  • 11140 ESX: Add type labels for ESX vCenter, servers, VM
  • 10836 HW/SW Inventory views: Declared inventory views can be joined
  • 10093 HW/SW Inventory: Shows Checkmk agent version in Software > Applications > Checkmk
  • 11216 Inventory of Linux kernel configuration (sysctl)
  • 11164 Inventory plugin and mk_inventory agent plugin feature for Linux block devices
  • 10486 oracle_tablespaces: Sort table by SID and NAME
  • 10927 FIX: FIX: Oracle Inventory Tablespaces
  • 7971 FIX: Fixed wrong check interval for “Check_MK HW/SW Inventory” service
  • 10207 FIX: HW/SW Inventory History: Skip delta trees if no changes
  • 10987 FIX: HW/SW Inventory Service: Fix “State when inventory fails”
  • 10342 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Do not overwrite inventory tree if ALL data sources of a host fail
  • 10351 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Do not pollute inventory archive if two numerations have different order but same entries
  • 10223 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Do not save inventory tree if Checkmk service calculates status data inventory
  • 10663 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Fixed “Cannot update tree” on clusters
  • 10219 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Fixed filtering inventory tree if permitted paths are configured in contact groups
  • 7822 FIX: HW/SW filter did not work: Network interface: Last Change
  • 8951 FIX: HW/SW inventory: Fixed active service state if software/packages information is missing
  • 8817 FIX: HW/SW inventory: Sort interfaces in order to avoid additional archive entries
  • 7840 FIX: aix_packages lnx_packages win_exefiles win_reg_uninstall win_wmi_software win_wmi_updates, solaris_pkginfo: Do not crash if package has no ‘name’ information
  • 7706 FIX: dmidecode: Fixed crash if any value is empty, eg. “Voltage = ‘’”
  • 10066 FIX: if: Do not crash if IfIndex is missing
  • 10825 FIX: k8s_daemon_pod_containers: Fixed TypeError while inventorizing kubernetes daemon pod containers
  • 10569 FIX: lnx_distro: Fixed handling of empty codename for RedHat Virtualization Host
  • 10346 FIX: lnx_if winperf_if if solaris_addresses: Fixed sorting interfaces; otherwise the inventory history may be polluted
  • 10344 FIX: lnx_if: Do not inventorize dynamic IPv6 addresses which may pollute inventory history
  • 10493 FIX: lnx_if: Use MAC address from command ‘ip’ if the command ‘ethtool’ is not available
  • 8820 FIX: lnx_packages: Do not crash if agent sends incomplete output
  • 10995 FIX: mk_inventory.vbs: Fixed date time format
  • 10100 FIX: mssql_clusters: Fixed inventorizing MSSQL clusters if DB name is missing
  • 10088 FIX: oracle_dataguard_stats: Fixed letter salad while rendering table of dataguard statistics
  • 10827 FIX: oracle_instance, oracle_performance, oracle_recovery_area: Inventory tables are now sorted by SID
  • 10502 FIX: oracle_instance: Skip uptime and DB creation time entries if they cannot be converted
  • 8825 FIX: win_wmi_updates: Do not inventorize header line
  • 10347 FIX: if: Moved last change field to status data tree; otherwise the inventory history may be polluted
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10270 FIX: solaris_mem: Fix value and unit
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Linux distributions:

  • 10315 Remove Support for SLES 12 SP1, SP2 and SP3
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10311 Support for Red Hat 8 / CentOS 8
  • 8857 Docker container: Add hook functions to docker entrypoint
  • 10312 Drop support for Ubuntu 18.10
  • 7773 FIX: Fix 1.6 compatibility with Checkmk Appliance


  • 10124 The output formats “python” and “python3” are now explicit about string types.
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 6972 Support SQL-style quoting for filtering dict-valued columns
  • 7938 Unify status table columns in NEB and CMC.
  • 11151 FIX: Correct handling of unsorted time periods for availability timelines
  • 10126 FIX: Fixed hostgroup columns related to hard states of services.
  • 8954 FIX: livestatus: Fixed possible decode error

Livestatus proxy:

  • 7967 FIX: Fix blocked liveproxy after executing livestatus commands
  • 11415 FIX: liveproxyd logging: fixed incorrect logrotate behaviour

Metrics system:

  • 10774 FIX: Homogenize dates in Service Graphs


  • 11482 Add option for host and service labels in notification rule conditions
  • 10745 Display name in mail and asciimail plugins
  • 10909 New notification plugin for Cisco Webex Teams
  • 8783 FIX: bulk notifications did not produce failed notifications
  • 8784 FIX: bulk notifications were sent multiple times
  • 8780 FIX: mknotifyd: fix race condition in distributed setups
  • 7429 FIX: pushover: fix broken error handling
  • 10555 FIX: Contact group deletion: Ensure not used by notification rules
  • 7824 FIX: Fix deletion of user notification rules with missing plugins
  • 10046 FIX: Fix missing installation of CEE / CME notification plugins
  • 8786 FIX: Host contact groups were not inherited to services
  • 8787 FIX: Links in the mail plugin were not displayed
  • 7442 FIX: Pagerduty notification host identifier to hostname when IP address is uknown
  • 10746 FIX: Pipe symbols in notifications are no longer replaced by a light vertical bar
  • 11051 FIX: crash in notifications if “Exclude Service Groups (regex)” is used
  • 7428 FIX: email: don’t escape email subject and addresses
  • 8794 FIX: mail: SSL/TLS and STARTTLS options were not used
  • 7433 FIX: mail: make the long output of HTML mails more readable
  • 8793 FIX: notifications crash if non ASCII characters are present in the plugin output
  • 11075 FIX: victorops: Fix invalid message_type (OK to RECOVERY)
  • 10763 FIX: Opsgenie: Fixed authentication error on european accounts
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11193 FIX: Opsgenie: Fixed help text for domain
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 7427 FIX: mail: don’t escape state markers in emails
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Other components:

  • 11495 Remove dokuwiki from standard Checkmk packages
  • 10027 Install Checkmk agent in Checkmk docker containern
  • 7977 NagVis: Updated to 1.9.13
  • 8860 NagVis: Updated to 1.9.14
  • 10374 NagVis: Updated to 1.9.16
  • 7975 Update Dokuwiki to 2018-04-22b
  • 10385 FIX: Do not expose download credentials to the image history
  • 10128 FIX: Fixed potential monitoring core crash when rrdcached is down
  • 11493 FIX: NagVis: Fix incompatibility with PHP 7.4
  • 7810 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.12
  • 10263 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.15
  • 10548 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.17
  • 10864 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.18
  • 11058 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.20
  • 11494 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.23
  • 10561 FIX: Python2: Update to 2.7.17
  • 11251 FIX: Updated to 1.9.21
  • 10372 FIX: stunnel: Improve logging of the daemon

Reporting & availability:

  • 7909 FIX: Fix broken “stored reports” page
  • 8885 FIX: Fix report PDF opening since #7990 (1.6.0b5) in chrome

Site management:

  • 7088 omd update can now be performed without access to source version
  • 11247 Preserve piggyback data during restart and updates
  • 10314 Remove deprecated check_multi plugin
  • 8858 FIX: Fix broken distributed setup when Livestatus TLS is not enabled (1.6.0b5 regression, #7987)
  • 7774 FIX: Fix installation issue on older debian based distros
  • 7768 FIX: Fix missing var/check_mk/rrd in CEE
  • 10332 FIX: Fix cleaning initialized tmp directory
  • 8888 FIX: Fix disabling Encrypted Livestatus TCP when updating from 1.6 to 1.6
  • 7772 FIX: Fix left over omdlib pyc files after uninstall
  • 8850 FIX: Fix omd backup/restore with site rename
  • 10034 FIX: Fix wrong encoding in site user context
  • 7987 FIX: Fix xinetd.conf conflict on “omd mv/cp”
  • 11341 FIX: Make omd restore work with hardlinks in local dir
  • 7825 FIX: NagVis: Fix missing worldmap background
  • 7771 FIX: Prevent question about removed “etc/icinga/icinga.d” directory
  • 10371 FIX: omd restore: Fix possible version issues when default version is not the site version
  • 8849 FIX: omd rm: Do not fail in case user not exists anymore
  • 10376 FIX: omd: Fix possible stopped system apache after removing a site
  • 8859 FIX: omd: Improved output of hook scripts (e.g. during update)
  • 10260 FIX: stunnel service is now correctly disabled when LIVESTATUS_TCP_TLS is off

User interface:

  • 10714 Raw Edition: Modernize graphing system
  • 11245 Dashboard: Improve context sensitive dashboard handling
  • 11246 Drop classic theme
  • 10553 Extended Checkmk crash reporting
  • 11262 Activate changes: Asking for activation comment can now be configured
  • 8870 Add host/service label filters to more views
  • 11199 Add hostgroup filter for hostgroups having certain host/service problems
  • 10711 Add overview dashboard and inventory views for Checkmk servers and sites
  • 10510 Added more link views for Host Groups (Summary)
  • 7264 Added new metric painter: Displays the value of a single configurable metric
  • 11052 Alternative valuespec: Radio buttons are now displayed as dropdowns
  • 11033 Availability: Added option to change host and service state in annotations
  • 10871 Availability: CSV export of timeline rows
  • 10631 Change description title of graph axis
  • 10712 Dashboard: Dashlets can now be cloned
  • 10547 Dashboard: Existing views can be linked to dashlets without copying them
  • 10607 Dashboard: New dashlet “single metric”
  • 11256 Extension API change: html.header and html.top_heading require breadcrumb argument
  • 11395 Filter for multiple sites
  • 10754 Remove failed notifications immediately
  • 10460 Show an error in the tactical overview if sites are not connected
  • 10492 Tag groups: Help texts can be configured
  • 11498 The dark theme is now used as default theme
  • 8871 Views/Dashboards: Add option to show filter parts in title or not
  • 10442 selection of host dropdowns now possible with arrow keys
  • 11492 SEC: Auth cookies: Specify SameSite attribute to improve cookie security
  • 8854 SEC: Dashboard: Static text dashlet only allows limited HTML
  • 8881 SEC: Fix possible XSS issue on “confirm failed notifications” page
  • 10242 SEC: Fix possible XSS using titles of custom snapins
  • 11501 SEC: Fix possible XSS using titles of views
  • 11252 SEC: Fix reflected XSS using icon selector
  • 10703 SEC: Fix some reflected XSS issues
  • 11499 SEC: Improve login session security
  • 10167 FIX: Fix excessive memory consumption on systems using apache 2.2 (e.g. RedHat 6)
  • 7942 FIX: Fixed dashlet refresh.
  • 10180 FIX: LDAP: Fix name clashes when using multiple LDAPs with suffix and without
  • 8864 FIX: “Change password on next login” page is working again
  • 10887 FIX: Availability timeline: Escape service details equal to status views
  • 10247 FIX: CMC performance and server performance snapins were not refreshed
  • 11203 FIX: Check for unique keys of host labels in ruleset conditions
  • 8966 FIX: Check_MK check: Better differentiability of graph colors
  • 10457 FIX: Context links in mobile GUI did not use mobile layout
  • 10706 FIX: Dashboard/Reports: Editors were showing to many context object types
  • 10707 FIX: Dashboard/Reports: Improve single object selection
  • 10382 FIX: Dashboard: Add missing link for creating a new view as dashlet
  • 10862 FIX: Dashboard: Fixed “invalid dashlet coordinate” after moving dashlet in Chrome
  • 11255 FIX: Disable dangerous commands on hosts / services by default
  • 8790 FIX: Don’t crash if no image/file is selected in an upload dialog
  • 10455 FIX: Don’t display classical checkboxes in mobile GUI
  • 10454 FIX: Don’t show an error in Commands of mobile GUI
  • 7895 FIX: Download agent output: Fix timeouts in distributed setups
  • 10699 FIX: Filtering “Alert Statistics” view resulted in empty page
  • 7982 FIX: Fix “N/A” being displayed in some host tag columns
  • 10878 FIX: Fix BI aggregation state export (Regression caused by #10879)
  • 10050 FIX: Fix GUI incompatiblities with IE11
  • 10416 FIX: Fix GUI network topology view with IE11
  • 8844 FIX: Fix TypeError when sorting view by some columns
  • 7815 FIX: Fix URL redirect from /[site]/ to /[site]/check_mk/ in SSL setups
  • 10255 FIX: Fix WATO folder painter with configured link showing escaped HTML code on page
  • 10556 FIX: Fix adding host/service label filters to views
  • 7913 FIX: Fix adding views to dashboard
  • 7981 FIX: Fix ambiguous labels filter title
  • 8876 FIX: Fix broken “Passive checks enabled/disabled” icon
  • 10251 FIX: Fix broken “Service: Check command expanded” painter
  • 7818 FIX: Fix broken agent output download link
  • 8868 FIX: Fix broken graph loading image
  • 7974 FIX: Fix broken view grouping by HW/SW inventory columns
  • 8884 FIX: Fix configuring host tag filters in custom snapin conditions
  • 7829 FIX: Fix displaying of HTML codes in background job progress info
  • 10373 FIX: Fix distributed update issue related to missing theme directory
  • 7828 FIX: Fix duplicate “24x7 - always” selection in timeperiod dropdowns
  • 7827 FIX: Fix duplicate explicit host/service condition help text
  • 10381 FIX: Fix editing dashlet views
  • 7973 FIX: Fix empty service views in mobile GUI
  • 7776 FIX: Fix grouping views by tags
  • 10237 FIX: Fix host completion click selection (Regression since 1.6.0p1)
  • 11046 FIX: Fix infinite reloads of views when the number of columns is changed
  • 10760 FIX: Fix missing “Log Entries: Log: Output” column
  • 10550 FIX: Fix moving table rows (e.g. EC rules) when table action row is shown
  • 10456 FIX: Fix redirection from login page in mobile GUI
  • 7983 FIX: Fix registering GUI commands with old multisite_commands
  • 11473 FIX: Fix rendering of ruleset page if user error is raised
  • 7775 FIX: Fix some NagVis maps snapin tree rendering issues
  • 7778 FIX: Fix sorting views by inventory columns
  • 10380 FIX: Fix view action menu in dashlets
  • 10350 FIX: Fixed #rows on rulesets pages
  • 11204 FIX: Fixed CSV export of host and service labels
  • 10821 FIX: Fixed UnicodeDecodeError ‘ascii codec can’t decode byte’ when opening log file if file name contains non-ASCII signs
  • 11032 FIX: Fixed consideration of local ‘old style’ perfometer customizations
  • 11471 FIX: Fixed default LDAP synchronization setting of central sites
  • 11191 FIX: Fixed misleading snmp error message
  • 11010 FIX: Fixed missleading host attribute help text
  • 10816 FIX: Fixed mix up of descriptions and file names on agents and plugins page
  • 7914 FIX: Fixed moving “user notification” dashlet on dashboard
  • 11188 FIX: Fixed non functional “discovery state” filter
  • 11014 FIX: Fixed possibility to delete roles that are still in use
  • 11009 FIX: Fixed possible ValueError while searching for werk id in release notes
  • 11197 FIX: Fixed python version in multisite.profile.py for profiling
  • 11015 FIX: Fixed renaming of roles
  • 11470 FIX: Fixed site context filter used in views
  • 10543 FIX: Fixed slow GUI when using custom host attributes from versions <= 1.5
  • 11011 FIX: Fixed title for copied rulesets
  • 11195 FIX: Fixed wrong filter in different hostgroup views
  • 10822 FIX: HW/SW Inventory tree: Show error message if HW/SW inventory tree cannot be loaded instead of breaking the whole page
  • 10177 FIX: Host autocompletion: Hide completion dropdown when using other elements
  • 10384 FIX: IE11 incompatibility: Fix reordering view painters
  • 7985 FIX: IE: Some context buttons were not toggled correctly in some views
  • 10036 FIX: Improve GUI page loading times
  • 7908 FIX: Improve metric plugin compatibility
  • 11196 FIX: Improved speed of loading of rows shown in table
  • 7269 FIX: Increased LDAP user profile synchronisation timeout to remote sites
  • 7779 FIX: LDAP sync: Fix exception when syncing only password changes for users
  • 11481 FIX: LDAP: Fix AttributeError if attribute “Disable Notifications” is used
  • 10715 FIX: LDAP: Fix broken sync when a group contains itself
  • 11486 FIX: LDAP: Fixed updating of attribute “Disabled Notifications”
  • 8872 FIX: Label filters: Add filter info to page title
  • 10549 FIX: Log views: Replace “State type” painter / filter with “State information”
  • 10489 FIX: Move ruleset “Piggybacked Host Files” to group “Access to Agents”
  • 7267 FIX: Multisite commands: Fixed empty followup page when pressing “Back to view”
  • 10028 FIX: NagVis maps snapin: Improve error handling
  • 11073 FIX: NagVis snapin: Fix empty content during refresh
  • 7285 FIX: Network Topology: fixed exception in exception when the maximal allowed node limit has been reached
  • 10265 FIX: Password policy: Do not apply expiration time for LDAP users
  • 10645 FIX: Problem Hosts sidebar snapin was not refreshed regularly
  • 7261 FIX: Quicksearch: Fixed exception shown with queries “sg: mysg s: .*”
  • 10544 FIX: Quicksearch: Fixed incorrect result page when querying host tags
  • 11020 FIX: Quicksearch: Validate if search string contains lookahead
  • 10750 FIX: Reduce long waiting times for some users when loading sites
  • 10458 FIX: Remove icons for hosts and services in the mobile GUI
  • 10490 FIX: Rename ruleset “Piggybacked Host Files” to “Processing of Piggybacked Host Data”
  • 10562 FIX: Service- / Hostgroup summary views now aggregate multiple sites
  • 10228 FIX: Several minor GUI fixes
  • 10606 FIX: Several minor GUI fixes
  • 10453 FIX: Show graphs in the mobile GUI
  • 10459 FIX: Show miniature graphs in mobile GUI
  • 11022 FIX: Show only hosts in host dropdowns, the user is permitted for
  • 10029 FIX: Sidebar snapin “Server time” did not refresh as expected
  • 10248 FIX: Some dashlets were not correctly refreshed
  • 10037 FIX: Some views (must search views) were always empty when added to a dashboard
  • 10738 FIX: Store the site settings of sidebar snapins
  • 10178 FIX: Tactical overview: Show stale events as 0 instead of empty columns
  • 10452 FIX: Use mobile GUI for mobile devices
  • 10879 FIX: View CSV export: Add titles of icons to exported columns
  • 8875 FIX: View editor: Fixed handling of invalid user input
  • 10175 FIX: View editor: The option “Add context information to title” was not applied
  • 10176 FIX: View group filters showed equal named groups multiple times
  • 7260 FIX: Virtual Host Tree: Fixed sorting by topic
  • 10559 FIX: Web API: Fix validation of non-ASCII characters in custom attributes
  • 10889 FIX: Web API: site_login call did not work (regression since #6929)
  • 11275 FIX: ps - Size of processes: Change graph visual display order
  • 7819 FIX: Fix “HTTP header authentication”
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11478 FIX: Fixed encoding of timestamp painters
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11475 FIX: Fixed site configuration setting “Direct login to Web GUI allowed”
  • 11021 FIX: Fixed validation of regex filter
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10326 FIX: Removed cmk_nagios_webapps mkp from treasures
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!


  • 11072 Distributed environments: Improve config synchronization
  • 10993 Diagnostics: New WATO mode for diagnostic analysis purposes
  • 7812 Rulesets: Multiple tags of a tag group can be ORed
  • 10535 Activate Changes: Now able to specifiy the number of parallel site activations
  • 11394 Add option to filter views and dashboards by multiple WATO folders
  • 10491 Allow regular expressions in the ruleset “Processing of Piggybacked Host Data” for piggybacked host exceptions
  • 10530 Analyze configuration: The connecitivity status of the sites is now shown in a separate table
  • 10925 Auto monitor checkmks tmpfs during site creation
  • 10305 Configurable long output painter to truncate output
  • 8782 DCD Connections, Password store entries and Predefined conditions can now be cloned
  • 11510 Discovered host labels are stored for cluster and each node
  • 8863 Discovery page: Add action to update the discovered host labels
  • 10617 Display notification and alert queue statistics in microcore stats snapin
  • 7284 Introduced explicit host attributes, increasing rule evaluation performance
  • 10443 Quicksearch: Now supports filtering for Auxiliary tags
  • 10306 Render filter for “Services colored according to state” painter
  • 11496 User access times are now recorded and displayed by default
  • 10077 Validation of IPv6 address input fields extended by zone/interface index and name
  • 10533 WATO Rule Search: Performance Improvements
  • 11427 WATO: Improved performance on host lookup on various pages
  • 8904 agent_vsphere: Secret may now come from the password store
  • 10022 checkman: Addition of checkman pages for check-mk services
  • 7940 Removed deprecated host/service visibility handling for webservices
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11085 SEC: Icon upload: Add missing transaction validation
  • 10462 SEC: WATO backups: Fix file path traversal vulnerability
  • 10117 FIX: Unbreak config generation for raw edition
  • 10120 FIX: Fixed error handling in automation calls
  • 7287 FIX: Fixed incorrect processing of SNMP datasource configuration
  • 10528 FIX: Host changes from normal monitoring users were not always applied on the first save
  • 10868 FIX: Tags: Custom “Agent type” tag group cleanup is now easier
  • 10290 FIX: Temperature check GUI: fix rendering crash when rules are set
  • 7278 FIX: cmk-update-config: fixed exception during ruleset conversion
  • 10041 FIX: Reduce apache memory usage + Change check parameters API
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10700 FIX: “Tags using this auxiliary tag” was not listing the referencing tag IDs
  • 10261 FIX: API: The edit_users call can now be used to edit LDAP users
  • 10539 FIX: Activate changes: Improved speed of site snapshot packaging
  • 11225 FIX: Add permissions for rulesets which can have access to commandline execution
  • 7905 FIX: Analyze configuration: Fix Livestatus usage test with Nagios core
  • 10531 FIX: Analyze configuration: Set request timeout when contacting remote sites
  • 7900 FIX: BI: Fix “Request-URI Too Long” after creating BI rule
  • 10049 FIX: Background job overview: Only list job types with existing job entries
  • 10051 FIX: Background jobs: Make output of background jobs immediately visible
  • 7976 FIX: Backup/Restore: Fix broken restore when backup is not accessible
  • 11243 FIX: Bulk Dicovery: Align caching options with discovery page
  • 8853 FIX: Cleanup ancient “(no status host)” choice from site config
  • 11026 FIX: Consider timespecific parameters for manual checks
  • 10407 FIX: Consistent naming for levels in Check SQL Database active check
  • 7820 FIX: Custom tag topics are now correctly shown in host edit dialog
  • 11265 FIX: Discovery Page: Do not show last job failures if they are fixed
  • 10264 FIX: Discovery page: Fix missing “toggle all” checkboxes (1.6.0p2 regression)
  • 10025 FIX: Discovery page: Improve usability
  • 10179 FIX: Discovery page: Missing “full scan” button in some cases
  • 10171 FIX: Discovery: Fix triggering of discovery service after changing services
  • 8878 FIX: Do hardware/software inventory: Host labels can now be used as rule conditions for this ruleset
  • 10257 FIX: Do not make whole discovery page fail on single discovery function issue
  • 7447 FIX: Duplicated livestatus query limit exceeded
  • 7910 FIX: EC pages are now disabled and hidden when EC is disable
  • 10165 FIX: Factory settings: Docker container host check command is set now
  • 11338 FIX: Fix “Fortigate Active Sessions” ruleset duplicates
  • 7897 FIX: Fix “TypeError: not enough arguments for format string” at end of bulk discovery
  • 8916 FIX: Fix HTML link parser
  • 8887 FIX: Fix UnicodeDecodeError in complain phase of “Predefined conditions” edit dialog
  • 10552 FIX: Fix actions after bulk search for tags
  • 10713 FIX: Fix additional rule analyzation issue on service object parameter page
  • 10239 FIX: Fix agent host diagnose mostly affecting windows hosts
  • 8851 FIX: Fix broken “Parameters of X” for clustered services
  • 10044 FIX: Fix broken “ineffective rules” matching
  • 8848 FIX: Fix broken service discovery on remote sites (1.6.0b4 regression)
  • 10048 FIX: Fix bulk discovery error on cluster nodes
  • 7899 FIX: Fix configuring empty tag ID tags on hosts / folders
  • 10863 FIX: Fix different issues with hosts created via Web API using JSON
  • 8867 FIX: Fix discovery and activation on temporarily disabled sites
  • 8852 FIX: Fix error on tag management page when tags are defined outside of WATO
  • 10039 FIX: Fix folding of rule condition containers
  • 11259 FIX: Fix host “Save & Test” action showing “API error” for all tests
  • 7817 FIX: Fix host renaming in WATO
  • 7912 FIX: Fix host tag update problem
  • 8882 FIX: Fix invalid rule match analyzation in WATO
  • 10616 FIX: Fix missing contact group conversion
  • 7765 FIX: Fix parent scan when no gateway was found
  • 10098 FIX: Fix performance issue for sites with a lot of piggyback hosts
  • 10253 FIX: Fix possible AttributeError exception on “Parameters of service” page
  • 7898 FIX: Fix possible syntax error when configuring service contact groups (1.6.0b2 regression)
  • 10869 FIX: Fix potential “Request-URI Too Long” error when editing huge tag groups
  • 10565 FIX: Fix processing of custom global settings
  • 10696 FIX: Fix rule analyzation issues on service object parameter page
  • 10035 FIX: Fix timeperiod iCalendar (ics) import
  • 8781 FIX: Fix traceback for builtin icon visibility
  • 7965 FIX: Fix updating hosts after editing tags
  • 7896 FIX: Fix wrong rule match analyse in WATO
  • 7764 FIX: Fixed broken quick search in host table
  • 7968 FIX: Fixed moving and deleting Event Console rules
  • 7273 FIX: Fixed sorting of custom host attributes topics
  • 11013 FIX: Fixed validation of datasource type for cluster and its nodes
  • 11194 FIX: Fixed visualization of warnings while activation of changes in dark theme
  • 11416 FIX: Folder changes from normal monitoring users were not always applied on the first save
  • 10106 FIX: GUI: Fix mismatched unit on PING packet-loss graph
  • 10173 FIX: Host diagnose: Agent status was shown green even in case of errors
  • 7904 FIX: Host diagnose: Only contact agent source in agent test
  • 11002 FIX: Hostname Translation: Fix wrongly detected IP address if drop domain
  • 10379 FIX: Hostname search: Host bulk actions affected all hosts (1.6.0p4 regression)
  • 10047 FIX: Improved validation of incompatible rulespec registration
  • 10866 FIX: LDAP: Fix WATO change of edited users containing HTML
  • 10698 FIX: LDAP: Fix possible “TypeError: ‘bool’ object is not iterable” during LDAP config test
  • 11027 FIX: LDAP: Validate usage of suffix
  • 7991 FIX: Label condition: Use regular label input as condition input field
  • 11373 FIX: Made titles of options in host/folder permissions less uncertain
  • 10383 FIX: Make more background job results deletable
  • 10375 FIX: NagVis backends now work with encrypted Livestatus
  • 10874 FIX: Notification rules: Fix empty “Notification method” dropdown field
  • 10243 FIX: Periodic service discovery: Set minimum group time to 5 minutes
  • 7767 FIX: Prevent “read only” host attributes from being cleaned up
  • 7980 FIX: Prevent deletion of contact groups while referenced in hosts or folders
  • 7766 FIX: Raw Edition: Fix missing default ruleset and automation user
  • 10240 FIX: Removed checks could make discovery page fail
  • 10936 FIX: Repair monitoring agent rules using Password from Store
  • 7988 FIX: Result of moving tags was not immediately displayed
  • 10032 FIX: Rule listing: Improve rendering performance
  • 7901 FIX: Ruleset “Service labels” had no effect
  • 10287 FIX: Service Discovery: fix re-enabling services which were disabled in 1.4.0
  • 8847 FIX: Service discovery: Print warning instead of failing on discovery errors
  • 10875 FIX: Services: Escape service details equal to status views
  • 10030 FIX: Still allow working with old customized builtin tag groups
  • 7911 FIX: Tags: Fix "Element “” does not exist anymore in tag input preview
  • 7814 FIX: Tags: Fix displaying “aux tags used by tags”
  • 10870 FIX: Tags: Fix exception when renaming an existing tag choice
  • 10043 FIX: Trusted certificate authorities were not correctly synchronized to remote sites
  • 10546 FIX: WATO changes: Improve table rendering with many affected sites
  • 10259 FIX: WATO host search: Fix possible “request URI too long” error
  • 7277 FIX: WATO performance improvements: do not initialize all hosts on fetching information for a single host
  • 11418 FIX: WATO: do not create empty rules.mk files when saving rulesets
  • 10031 FIX: Warn about editing rules which conditions are not valid anymore
  • 7966 FIX: Web API: Fix broken set_hosttags API call
  • 11077 FIX: Web API: Fix set_hosttags call when any rule uses “one of” or “none of” tag conditions
  • 8845 FIX: Web-API: Prevent adding wrong encoded labels to hosts / rulesets
  • 10884 FIX: check_http: Add better validation for empty service names when using “^” prefix
  • 7276 FIX: check_smtp: WATO GUI was unable to display integer based reponse time
  • 11131 FIX: filestats: fix typo and grammar
  • 10654 FIX: hacmp_resources.py: allowing to save the any node option in the WATO configuration
  • 8917 FIX: mk_logwatch: Handle spaces in filenames
  • 10653 FIX: popup_menu.js: remembering the selected color in the Graph rendering options
  • 10110 FIX: ps discovery: GUI configuration changed. Fix default value of per-process details.

Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:

Agent bakery:

  • 11401 New Bakery API
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 11402 Agent Bakery: New “Bake and sign” action
  • 11248 Agent bakery: Automatically build agents for created hosts
  • 10428 Distributed Agent Updates
  • 5505 Multiple formats for Agent Updater executable on Linux
  • 10431 New agent rule for Checkmk agent service on Linux
  • 10975 Support local files in Agent Bakery
  • 10974 Agent Bakery: require minimum length of 8 characters for agent signing key
  • 10435 Agent Deployment: Log info about calling host on error
  • 11404 Better detection of changes in baked agent packages
  • 11405 Improved performance of agent bakery
  • 11403 Improved versioning for baked agent packages
  • 11400 Linux agent service: IP Access List support for systemd
  • 10973 New bakery rule “Set cache age for plugins (UNIX)”
  • 10427 cmk-update-agent: Show info about non-existing host on registration
  • 10432 SEC: cmk-update-agent.exe: Fix security issue on Windows
  • 11081 FIX: Agent signing is now executed in background job
  • 10221 FIX: Bake Solaris Agent: Include custom files
  • 10433 FIX: Correct plugin name for netstat
  • 7172 FIX: Fix automatic agent updates on Solaris
  • 7969 FIX: Fix broken agent baking when Linux remote alert handlers are enabled
  • 11264 FIX: Fix building agent MSI packages on SLES15SP1
  • 11012 FIX: Fixed unicode usage in fileinfo baklet
  • 10430 FIX: Follow rule “match site” at agent updates host selection
  • 10429 FIX: Prevent tgz packages from modifying existing directories
  • 8889 FIX: SLES15: Fix building MSI packages
  • 7173 FIX: cmk-update-agent.exe: Fix stdout/stderr redirects
  • 10434 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Completely apply proxy settings as configured in agent updater ruleset
  • 7171 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Improved error handling
  • 10426 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Make insecure HTTPS warnings less verbose
  • 7170 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Stop stockpiling broken installation packages
  • 8828 FIX: mk_db2: Agent plugin for DB2 database is now bakeable
  • 10236 FIX: mk_nfsiostat: Plugin could not be packed using the bakery
  • 7883 FIX: mk_sap_hana: Fix crash in bakelet when optional value “runas” is not set
  • 10213 FIX: mrpe: Bake MRPE for Solaris
  • 7880 FIX: mrpe: Create mrpe config also for AIX systems when configured
  • 10675 FIX: mk_jolokia: Fixed baking configuration if server is stated in bakery rule “JMX monitoring of Java JVMs using Jolokia”
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Checks & agents:

  • 10689 Checkmk Python may be installed with Windows Agent
  • 10087 DCD: Maximum cache age and validity period are configurable for piggybacked host connections
  • 10719 Introducing new checks for huawei switches
  • 7891 systemd_units: allow to blacklist specific services
  • 7861 teracom_tcw241_analog, teracom_tcw241_digital: checks for Teracom TCW241 devices
  • 10718 mk_oracle: extracted uptime check inside of oracle_instance check into separate service
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10017 FIX: mk_docker.py: Add missing diskstat bakery option
  • 7758 FIX: mk_jolokia: Fixed cfg creation of agent bakery
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 8796 FIX: mknotifyd: fix wrong state file age output
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Configuration generation:

  • 10119 FIX: Fixed CMC config generation in the presence of non-ASCII characters.

Core & setup:

  • 11500 Microcore: Improved memory efficiency of helper processes
  • 8865 DCD: Add host deletion grace time after site initialization
  • 10618 New versioning of CMC configs
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10115 FIX: Reanimated shadow hosts
  • 11413 FIX: Activate changes: Improved speed of config generation on larger installations
  • 10532 FIX: CMC parallelize config generation ON: fixed randomly vanishing services
  • 8873 FIX: CMC: Fix escaping of “!” in check_command and check_command_expanded arguments
  • 8862 FIX: DCD: Fix retrying to activate changes when there are no changes pending
  • 8861 FIX: DCD: Gracefully handle single host issues when creating hosts
  • 7970 FIX: Fix possible AttributeError “function” has no attribute “get” exception during checking
  • 7935 FIX: Fixed execution_time column for passive checks.
  • 7941 FIX: Fixed query/idle timeouts.
  • 11503 FIX: IPMI management board: Fix UDP file descriptor leak
  • 10404 FIX: Performace update for RRD on high resolution
  • 10244 FIX: Periodic service discovery was not correctly activating changes

Inline SNMP:

  • 7906 FIX: Fix possible AttributeError “‘NoneType’ has no attribute ‘delete_session’” on SNMP hosts

Livestatus proxy:

  • 10245 FIX: Fix thread leak triggered by unstable site connections
  • 11417 FIX: GUI livestatus connection: Fixed race condition which caused needless reconnection to liveproxyd
  • 10541 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Inventory data from remote sites was not always up-to-date

Metrics system:

  • 10767 Implement Forecast Graph prediction engine
  • 10174 Add Web-API calls for Checkmk Grafana datasource 1.1.0
  • 7450 Custom Graphs timeseries transformation percentile
  • 7451 Forecasting Graphs
  • 10783 Resolve composing metrics in Custom Graphs
  • 7903 FIX: Add missing “Dissolve icon” in custom graph editor
  • 10302 FIX: Correct stacked graphs right edge
  • 10402 FIX: Deal with RRD sources which are not updated anymore in multiline graphs
  • 8843 FIX: Fix adding single service metrics to custom graphs
  • 7452 FIX: Fix graphs vertical grid on top of vertial axis labels
  • 10939 FIX: Fixed non functional JSON and PNG export function in graphs
  • 10780 FIX: Forecast of fixed values
  • 10414 FIX: Netapp CPU utilization graph with correct vertical scaling


  • 7201 Servicenow: Notification plugin
  • 11343 ServiceNow: Make rule more flexible
  • 11037 FIX: Fixed NoneType error in case of missing permissions
  • 10619 FIX: Improve error-handling in poller
  • 10250 FIX: Mail graphs: Do not render in dark theme style
  • 11276 FIX: jira notification: fix issue creation
  • 10945 FIX: jira_issues: Fixed possible UnicodeEncodeError
  • 10946 FIX: jira_issues: Fixed possible multiple creation of issues
  • 11047 FIX: mknotifyd, mknotifyd.connection: resolve wrong warnings
  • 8795 FIX: mknotifyd: fix file descriptor leak
  • 10739 FIX: send notifications chronologically
  • 11202 FIX: jira notification: Clearer assignment of tickets in distributed environments

Reporting & availability:

  • 7445 Historic data views and painters for capacity management
  • 7992 Add DATE_YEAR, DATE_MONTH, DATE_DAY report scheduler macros
  • 7990 Allow report PDFs to be opened inline (shown in browser)
  • 10409 Generate a table of contents for the reports
  • 10301 Inventory painters allow short title in pdf report headers
  • 10785 Metric History Painter can directly inherit their time range from report
  • 10768 Report front matter templates
  • 10770 Reporting graph elements have now time range as property
  • 7266 Reporting: Now able to create subreports based on service reports
  • 10873 FIX: Report headers: Improve handling of titles with dynamic lengths
  • 10241 FIX: Report scheduler: The scheduler and stored report cleanup jobs were not triggered
  • 10258 FIX: Fix “KeyError: name” in PDF exports of e.g. “Events of monitored host” views
  • 7821 FIX: Fix adding graphs with many metrics to reports / dashboards
  • 8886 FIX: Fix wrong graph font color in reports (1.6.0b7 regression)
  • 7265 FIX: Fixed exception during subreport generation, fixed missing macros in subreports
  • 7826 FIX: Report snapin: Fix timerange selection
  • 7074 FIX: Reporting: Removed “first” column from graph legends
  • 10401 FIX: Instant reports are deactivated under the correct permission
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Site management:

  • 10252 FIX: Fix broken “Start livestatus proxy” global setting after update from CRE to CEE

The Checkmk Micro Core:

  • 10118 Improved the handling of host checks via service status in CMC.
  • 7944 FIX: Fixed handling of unfresh services
  • 10123 FIX: Fixed race condition when changing host check command.
  • 10529 FIX: Checkmk RRD helper: fixed exception when creating new rrd files
  • 10127 FIX: Do not remove acknowledgements for retries.

User interface:

  • 7263 Graph Tunings: Now able to disable graph
  • 10630 graphs/perfometers: Improve graph colors to match the color themes
  • 7943 FIX: Fixed graph zooming via mouse wheel.
  • 10026 FIX: Fix broken SLA processing when using “Always” timeperiod
  • 10080 FIX: Fixed broken perfometer for memory usage with missing values
  • 11186 FIX: Fixed some wrong displayed parameters for hosts if cmc is used
  • 11079 FIX: Grafana: Annotation queries were not applying host filter
  • 10814 FIX: Graph Tunings: Added temperature graph
  • 10229 FIX: Graph tuning: Graphs do not exceed the time axis and forecast graph icons were fixed
  • 8877 FIX: Historic metrics painter: Prevent empty views, improve error handling
  • 7280 FIX: SLA computation: fixed gui exception when no data was available
  • 7282 FIX: liveproxyd: Reduced CPU usage


  • 10781 Additional calendar aware time ranges
  • 10705 New “Tag usage” page to analyze tag references
  • 10776 Sorter for dynamic columns in view editor
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10782 FIX: Agent bakery generator for sap.cfg
  • 10554 FIX: Analyze configuration: Secure Agent Updater fix exception when protocol not configured
  • 10764 FIX: Background jobs: Run scheduled reports in background if configured
  • 8846 FIX: Extension packages: Sort package list by name
  • 10249 FIX: Fix type error when listing alert handler rules
  • 10557 FIX: MKP manager: Links to package download URLs are now opened in new window / tab
  • 10271 FIX: Selecting the files header could crash the mkp manager


  • 11078 Dynamic configuration: Add connector plugin API
  • 10661 FIX: DCD: Remove “Maximum cache age from global settings” which had no effect
  • 11502 FIX: Dynamic host configuration: Fix config activation on WATO enabled remote sites

Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:

Reporting & availability:

  • 10769 Customer specific report layout

User interface:

  • 8809 Added more builtin views for customer related hosts/services
  • 10411 Customer specific macro replacements for reporting
  • 10403 Customer-user local customizations are kept during activate changes from master
  • 8789 FIX: Custom logos were not copied to slave sites
  • 10880 FIX: Fix “Customer number of hosts” painter showing up hosts
  • 10882 FIX: Fix “Customers” dashlet shown on customer sites
  • 11192 FIX: Removed needless option to configure customer for local sites
  • 10412 FIX: Site filter in slave site only holds itself as filter target
  • 10413 FIX: Sites can not be assigned to global scope
  • 11185 FIX: Removed option to configure ‘customer’ in default_user_profile
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!


  • 7279 Snapshot generation: Improved performance by using more cpus for the config computation
  • 10881 FIX: Fix possible crash when trying to save site multiple times

You can download Checkmk from our download page:

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@checkmk.com.
We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Checkmk Team


Just a little note: the innovation releases are only build for the Checkmk Enterprise Edtitions and are all available now.
If you have no subscription, just try the Checkmk Enterprise Free Edition.

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Hallo Zusammen

Habe gerade von 1.6.0p18 auf 2.0.0i1 aktualisiert und bisher alles ausser die Backed Agent funktionier Problemlos, bzw. der Agent ist aktualisiert aber mit folgende Meldung:

WARN - [agent] Version: 2.0.0i2, OS: windows, unexpected agent version 2.0.0i2 (should be 2.0.0i1)

Habt ihr eine Idee……?

PS: Die Adresse feedback-2.0@checkmk.com funktioniert irgendwie nicht, alle Mails werden zurückgeschickt.


Ich würde sagen, das sieht so aus, als wenn der Windows-Agent eine falsche Versionsnummer mitschickt. Diese WARN-Meldung kannst du aber auch abschalten.

Hi Mela,
we have fixed the mail address and it’s forwarding to our ticketing system. Should work now again. Can you resend the feedback please?

Hi @martin.hirschvogel , cool, I send it right now, thanks.

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@Dirk, sieht leider nicht so aus, der Agent liefert die richtige version

Abschalte… ja könnte ich, aber will nicht, ich finde sie gut :slight_smile:

Hallo Mela,
hast du diesen Agent per Bakery erhalten?



Hallo @athomaidis, yeap.

@Mela bitte schreib das so in die Email rein.
Die Kollegen schauen sich das an.

@athomaidis, alles klar, mache ich gleich.

Danke Dir.

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Tut er doch gerade nicht. Die Server-Version lautet 2.0.0i1 und da sollte doch auch der Agent eine i1 melden – zumal, wenn er per Bakery ausgerollt wurde.

Ich habe gerade im Repo nachgeschaut: Die Version, die mit 2.0.0i1 getaggt ist, liefert auch 2.0.0i1. Hast Du evtl. eine Version vom “master” (d.h. daily build) benutzt? Da ist die Versionsnummer schon auf i2 hochgedreht.


ich habe dieses hier heruntergelade /installiert:

das ist die “richtige” oder?

Hi, the problem has been identified (a 2.0.0i2 Windows agent is in inside the 2.0.0i1). Thanks for the feedback mail Mela.
If there are any specific issues/bugs/questions with the innovation release, please use the feedback mail provided above. If you have an issue, where you want feedback/help from the community, please open a new thread in the General or Troubleshooting category. Thanks!


greate, thanks @martin.hirschvogel .

Dear Martin, is it possible to install CEE 2.0.0i1 on the same server we‘re running CRE 1.6 on?

Yes, that’s the benefit of omd. The sites should be independent of each other.
See more here: https://checkmk.com/cms_intro.html#Creating%20an%20instance

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Ahoi! This looks amazing. When will this be available for RAW users?


Starting with the Beta phase, which will be highly likely launched later this year.

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