[Release] Grafana Data Source Plug-In 3.1.0

Hello Community!

New release of the Grafana Plug-in is out and it has several much anticipated changes:

  • There is now a signed version in the Grafana marketplace that you can easily use with your Checkmk Cloud Edition.
    So now there are 2 versions: checkmk-cloud-datasource is the signed version of the plug-in – it can only communicate with cloud edition of checkmk; and tribe-29-checkmk-datasourcestandard version that can be used with other versions.

  • We implemented the support of variables!
    You can now query for variables: sites, hosts, and services and use the same filters as in the graph.

As always, please feel free to report issues on GitHub and let us know what you think in this post,



Hi Sara,
and to execute queries on hostgroups?

Thanks and BR,

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Hello Vins,

I would refer to my colleague’s answer to the topic here: Gafana plugin version 3.1.1 - #5 by BenediktSeidl as they have more expertise on the matter.

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Is this planned to be released for Enterprise Edition? We have a use case for that and Grafana Cloud don`t support the usage of Unsigned plugins.

The signed and unsigned plug-in are identical in feature scope.

Only reason we put the signed one in the Cloud Edition is to measure the actual need for it and refinance and justify the costs of the “signing” by Grafana (yes, we have to pay them for signing and it appearing in the Grafana store).
That’s why we can not put it in the Enterprise Edition.


Thanks for the explanation, Grafana Cloud don`t accept the usage of Unsigned Plugins as per today. We are evaluating querying data using API or InfluxDB/Graphite to overcome that.

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