Remove duplicate service descriptions

Hi everybody

i have a lot of messages like this on the console:

WARNING: Duplicate service description 'Interface Voice Encapsulation POTS Peer: 999023' for host 'rt-main01'. First occurrance: checktype = if64, item = u'Voice Encapsulation POTS Peer: 999023', Second occurrance: checktype = if64adm , item = u'Voice Encapsulation POTS Peer: 999023'

there is a Rule for if and if64 but howto performe just if64adm or if64

Greets Bernd

@andreas-doehler, @kdeutsch, @r.sander, @tosch,

does anybody has an idea to perform this ??

The problem is that your interface discovery rule is set to discover “admin down” interfaces.
Please remove this setting. Then the normal procedure - “Tabula rasa” and so on.

isn`t active in the rules:


Strange - if64adm is only discovered if “admin down” is enabled inside the interface discovery rules.

What version are you running?
There was a fix in the last months regarding discovered duplicate interfaces.

1.6.0p8 CEE … for the moment

perhaps I try to make a new site on base of daily build

that was also my thought … :thinking:

That is recent enough :slight_smile:

Maybe there is another regression bug in the software. You should open a ticket via your support channel.