Reporting Service Metrics in one line

Hey everybody,

i was trying to create a report which shows me some metrics of host over the last 35 days. My main metrics should be the average/peak cpu load and the average/peak memory usage.

In the report i used a multisite view and in the collum the Services: Metric-History.

Now the problem is, that for one host i get two lines in my table. The cpu load and memory usage is defided in two separate lines.

Anybody an idea how to fix this?


Hi @awdi30 - add a column with the service description - you will see that those are different services and you get a line per service.

In this case you seem to have 2 CPU plus 2 “memory” units.

Good luck on bringing this to a multisite view - i suppose you will need to use a matrix instead of a table view.

Thank you for the hint with the service description.
I tried different matrix versions, but didn’t get it as i wanted.

Resolution for now is to create two different tables. One for CPU and memory.

Hey kribbit,
an idea how to make the values ​​left-alligned?

Hi @awdi30,
Yes. I do have three ideas.

  1. Ask Tribe to get an alignment option on columns. It’s missing obviously :wink:
  2. That’s dirty but in my former company our partner created reports on the command line. With this, they could do a lot of crazy stuff, inputting custom tags and Information into the reports. I imagine that a good programmer might push out those values with alignment.
  3. I haven’t double checked right now but you can configure default templates for reports, I know that you can configure sizes and fonts there. Maybe also text alignment can be dabbled with in these defaults… I didn’t double check, though. Sorry.

Summary: If the option is missing in the reporting engine there’s not much you can do besides using other reporting tools. Very unfortunate all in all. The reporting engine definitely needs some tuning and polishing.

Hi @kribbit,

thanks for your time.
I will make a request for allignment in the feature portal :wink:

Also i checked the default template for reports and didn’t find the right options for alligment.

Hoppefully the reporting engine will get a “remake”.