Reports - Limit the number of rows in View tables & Scheduling

I started to look into report possibilities in Check_MK.

I though I start with just adapting an existing report so I made a copy of the included service availability report.

But I would like to only see the services with most downtime and not all services.
Especially not services with only n/a as in the attached picture.

I though an easy thing would be to limit the number of rows and then only show the non-OK services.

I have edited the “limit the number of rows…” parameter in 3 places:

  • Global settings
  • Report settings
  • Table settings

But still it is not accurate when generating the report.

Another thing…
When the report looks reasonable ok I try to schedule it… but then I need to specify the timerange etc again?
Isn’t it possible to just schedule a report that I have configured on a daily basis without defining for instance time-ranges of the report again?

CMK version: check-mk-free-2.1.0p2
OS version: Ubuntu 20.04

This can be done with the reporting engine available on the Enterprise edition.

Aha, so CFE is different from CEE for reporting?

I thought it was the same beside the limitations of number of monitored hosts.

So you can not use CFE to do a “trial” when it comes to the reporting?

Hi @e95fja

the CFE is identical to the CEE, so you should be able to use the report scheduler to do this.

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Ups, I misread free as raw.

I am probably missing something here because I have not worked with the reports before… but to clarify the behavior I think is a bit strange about this “Limit number of rows”:

I have global setting set to 10.

Then I have Report setting set to 10:

And then finally in the table element I have:

Still the report displays 12 rows?

Note that the notification table follow exactly how I expect it to be.

When it come to the report scheduling it works fine. I misunderstood some setting :slight_smile:

The background to that I would like a limited table is that it would be nice to be able to get a list with the 10 most problematic services and then try to fix them… I am not sure if it is possible to get result to be the 10 most problematic services listed or maybe these limited 10 rows will be the first 10 that is identified?
If possible I would like to have them sorted so the most problematic is on top in the table so to say.

The availability table is not a view but something special. :slight_smile: