Rest-API 2.1.0p9 Bug using service_discovery_run


we use the API-Command


to run discovery on new Hosts. We updated from 2.0.0p23 to 2.1.0p9 and now this command seems broken. when executing it via openapi swagger ui it gives a code 200 and

"domainType": "service_discovery_run",
  "id": "service_discovery-HOSTNAME",
  "title": "Service discovery background job service_discovery-HOSTNAME is running",
  "members": {},
  "extensions": {
    "active": true,
    "state": "running",
    "logs": {
      "result": [],
      "progress": [
        "Starting job..."

I would expect to have pending changes after a few seconds. I also checked the view “background jobs”, it states that there has been a discovery, but there are no changes. when I do the same with the Command


and submitting a list woth only one host there are changes to activate and the discovery does work.
can anyone check behavior in your installations? I am not 100% sure that I am using everything the intended way, thats why I did not report it as a bug.



Hi Steffen,

which mode do you use in the Body for the request to domain-types/service_discovery_run/actions/start/invoke?

When I use refresh it works fine (as long as I have new services):

"host_name": "myhost.local",
"mode": "refresh"

Best Regards


yes I am using mode refresh. I get a 200 status code and the message above, but there are no new services found.