Rittal CMC base plugin addon - CheckMK 2.1

I would like to monitor Rittal PSM Plug Current and added them in the base plugin, which works fine and I can monitor Current per plug. I’m wondering how to make this patch safe.

Any best practice or documentation, I’m not aware of yet?

Edited - /opt/omd/versions/2.1.0p11.cee/lib/python3/cmk/base/plugins/agent_based/cmciii.py
and added:

     67     if variable[0].startswith("PSM_CAN") and variable[1].endswith("Current"):
     68         return "can_current"

But, of course, with a p12 release we lost this and need to add it again.

What is the recommended place to add it permanently ?

Hi dabrain,

you can copy the file to the same location below your local structure.


Checkmk will keep this during updates and the copied file will overlay the one that is shipped with checkmk.