Robotmk + edge detection: how to write more stable e2e tests for non-web UIs


note for all users which already use Robotmk and the ImageHorizonLibrary to automate non-web UIs:

I have created a new pull request for this library which will make it possible to pre-process both the reference and screenshot image with “canny edge detection”. Before images are compared they are cleared up by any noise, artifacts, color deviations etc.

Added value: Solve the Reference image could not be found - problem which can be painful to solve. With edge detection, tests are getting more robust against adversities with 3rd party data, RDP/Citrix image compression etc.

:point_right: I would be very happy if you could test this.

Btw, this is also the green light signal :green_circle: for the Robotmk Blog where I will write about the usage of Robot Framework for synthetic e2e monitoring with Checkmk and Robotmk. :champagne:
There you’ll find the first blog post “Edge detection for the ImageHorizonLibrary” which also explains how to install this beta feature.
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