RobotMK talk @FOSDEM2021

I want to let you know that I will give a talk about E2E Monitoring with RobotMK, rather Robot Framework and Checkmk at the FOSDEM 2021 conference.
This is the direct link to my presentation:


PS: Because I have received the same question several times:
FOSDEM is a free conference and can be attended without any registration.
The schedule is awesome: there are over 500 presentations within two days :metal: ! Come aboard:


Hi Simon,
Is there a possibility to see this session again ? Was this recorded and available on some platform like YouTube ?

Hi David,

yes, the presentation (based on v0.1.9) was released on tuesday and can be viewed here:

If you are interested in Robotmk and RobotFramework, I recommend you (all!) to get a ticket for I am currently preparing Robotmk v0.2.0 with new features and improvements. Robocon will be the first event where I will show all this, including live Q/A.