RobotMK v0.1.2 - Integration of Robot Framework E2E tests


I just want to let you know that the guys from the End2End automation tool Robot Framework recently added my CheckMK extension RobotMK to the “list of tools” on their web site: Robot Framework
(And that I am very happy about this :slight_smile: )

RobotMK makes it possible to configure the execution of End2End Application tests on remote hosts as well as to integrate the results back into Checkmk. Comes with bakery support; everything is configurable in WATO.

RobotMK is available on Checkmk Exchange.

If you think this extension is useful, please be so kind and give it a star :star: on the RobotMK GitHub repository in the top right corner (…at least to overhaul the stars of the discontinued e2e tool “Sakuli v1” - which is still by far listed as the no 1 project on the checkmk topic page…)

Your feedback is welcome! :+1:

Thanks and regards,


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