Ruleset filter

Hi there. I know that there is a “ruleset filter” that allows searching, but it only highlights the found rules, and there is no option to display only those filtered rules.

I have a configured checkmk server with 6000+ http checks. I have no way to filter the displayed rules, and the page takes a long time to display. If I have to change 10 rules, for example, this can take 10+ minutes.

So this is the feature request: Allow filter on the “HTTP, TCP, Email, …” rules. An example of page that is similar to this one and have a filter is the “notifications” page.

I kindly ask you guys to consider this, because I may have to run another site just to go around this problem. Thanks.

If there is a more “official” way of requesting a feature, I kindly appreciate if someone can refer it to me.

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you could place your request in the official feature request category:



Moved this to the Product Ideas category. This way, people can also vote on your idea :slight_smile:

@fayepal He already opened a new topic there himself:

So this is now duplicate and should probably be closed.


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You’re right. Thanks! I didn’t see that :wink:
Then, I will close this one.