SAP ECC monitoring

Hi there,

I’m very new to using checkmk so still getting familiarized with it, but so far have been impressed and evaluting it as a replacement for solarwinds as our organization has gone through some significant down-sizing. So far we have it monitoring some domain controllers and network infrastructure and we like it.

I was wondering though if anyone has successfully monitored SAP ECC systems with it? I saw there is a plug-in available for SAP R3 but wasn’t sure if this will work before getting deeper into it (or if any suggestions apart from using the plugin if anyone is monitoring SAP ECC systems)?

Hi @dwrobel and welcome to the checkmk community.

it doesn’t matter if it’s a SAP ECC oder SAP Retail or whatever product you are running on your R3/S4 system. The sap check connects against your SAP Basis function CCMS (RZ20/21) and simply reads the result of the node.
Because SAP closed the development and support of the CCMS function to push their central solution via SAP Solution Manager MAI (Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure) or SAP Focused Run (Cloud version of technical Solman functions) i would advise against the sap plugin. The CCMS is only maintained by the DSAG to keep it somehow usable. (in real life the MAI also use some functions of CCMS)
You can define 3rd party plugins in the MAI to reroute alerts. We use a simple text file to capture the alerts and handle them via the event console of checkmk.

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