Scheduled Reports / Background Jobs - Sometimes not working

Hi there,
i’m running on 1.6.0p8 CEE and having trouble with some scheduled reports:

The background jobs are crashing a lot of times with no information why. It just hangs/ stopps at “Generating report”

OMD[site]:~$ cat ~/var/check_mk/background_jobs/reporting-1584186805.82/
# Written by Check_MK store (2020-03-14 12:53:25)

{'duration': 0.0,
 'logfile_path': '~/var/log/web.log',
 'pid': 207512,
 'ppid': 207511,
 'started': 1584186805.823682,
 'state': 'running',
 'statusfile': 'reporting-1584186805.82/',
 'stoppable': True,
 'title': u'Report generation of availabilityQuartal / IT-Services - Verf\xfcgbarkeit (90d)',
 'user': u'myuser'}
OMD[site]:~$ cat ~/var/check_mk/background_jobs/reporting-1584186805.82/     progress_update
OMD[site]:~$ cat ~/var/check_mk/background_jobs/reporting-1584186805.82/progress_update
Generating report...

As you can see they are working someday, and the next day no more:

Any ideas where to look in more detail for the cause ?

Kind regards,

As update: Same issue occours in 1.6.0p10 CEE (same report).

Thats a bit annoying because I cannot run those reports on behalf (without background job) because they are too large and have too many entries, and so running into an timeout without background jobs…