Schulung: Checkmk 2.0 - die wichtigsten Neuerungen und Features auf einen Blick

Hey everyone / tribe29-team,

I was curious reading in your latest newsletter about the new training for checkmk 2.0:

The agenda shows a huge range of topics coming up with the new UX - what is great! However, I wonder if this training with costs is just an alternative or a complete new format for your planned UX trainings, now including fees?
So, will there also be free tutorials / webinars in the future (as formerly kind of promised) e.g. after the conference #7 as well? I did not have in mind to keep an eye on the training for our casual as well as power users AND the need to spend a great amount for that (and I guess, so did my bosses…).

Feedback appreciated, thanks a lot! :+1:

Hey @brm!

Regarding the professional training content and schedule, my colleague @Julia will have more answers.

For the tutorials/webinars, yes we’re still planning them but the format will not be as in-depth as these intensive training courses being offered. They will have the format of our Community Calls.

The next ‘season’ of the Checkmk Tutorial Series that will be published throughout the year will be using Checkmk 2.0.

Hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:


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Hey @Faye / @Julia,

thanks for your quick reply! :+1: For now these news are sufficient I guess. It’s important to know that bit by bit some free Tutorial Series foucssing on specific topics w.r.t. UX 2.0 will be available, especially for casual users having trouble / challanges with the new layout at first… And it’s quite obvious that these tutorials can not be as professional deep diving as a training.

Hi @brm,

in addition to Faye’s feedback, this training format is mainly to be seen as a supplement to the offered CMK I + II training, with which we give an overview of the most important innovations through the 2.0. It mainly addresses our experienced Checkmk web users who have been working with Checkmk for several years, may have already gone through the CMK I and/or CMK II training and just need the most important info on v.2.0.
It is important to mention, that this new training format does not replace any previous training. Rather, it is an important addition to our training portfolio to make our customers ready for v.2.0 if required.

There are still a few seats available for the dates currently on offer. So we would be happy to see you in the training. :wink: