Script parameter for the local check

Hello Forum,

we are migrating from xymon to checkmk. We are using 7/24 running monitoring scripts that are parametrized via the command line.

We are putting a wrapper skript in check_mk_agent/local to call our scritpt with individual Parameters for each host. This is working fine. But we have to change this for every monitored host.

Feature Request:
It would be nice to define parameters for local checks for each host in the WATO Gui.

Kind Regards

Hello, Martin,

it also depends on what parameters you want to adjust

If they are specific host parameters then wouldn’t it be a good idea to build a script that determines the parameters on the host and inserts them into your script?

Or are they parameters that you need for evaluation on the monitoring system and could also be included as custom variables?

Explain more exactly …

Greets Bernd

Yes this is a good Idea.
Since we are doing an application monitoring the environment of the application has to be configured.

  • where the local check can find the logfiles
  • which port of the application can be connected to retrieve status information

This we will do during the local check installation.