Scrollable graph control in dashboard

Hey everyone,

I’ve developed a dashboard for our firewalls. It includes real-time monitoring of CPU and memory utilization, as well as a custom graph displaying incoming and outgoing traffic on different interfaces over the past month.

By default, the time range for this graph is set to “Last Month.” However, there’s an issue with the control menu in the bottom left corner. The options to export the graph as a .png or .json file are missing because scrolling within the menu isn’t functioning properly.

Currently, the only visible option is to add the graph to another custom graph. However, by adjusting the size of the graph and zooming out in the browser, it’s possible to uncover the export options.

I’m wondering if there’s a simpler method for exporting a custom graph specifically for the “Last Month” time frame. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Andreas,
Same issue here.
What do you mean by “the only visible option is to add the graph to another custom graph.”?
I mean, you could just open the custom graph itself in the “Customize” section of the GUI. The scrolling works there.


my mistake. It should mean "the only visible option is to add the graph to a custom dashboard.”

I know that scrolling in the “customize” section is possible, but i need to size the timeline exact for the “last month”. And this could be very difficult.

Thank you for clarification. Well, I feel like it’s just a bug that needs to be fixed :smiley: but as a short term solution you can either look at the custom graph itself or create a report, add the graph and there you have more options regarding the time range it shows.
Otherwise I dont really have an idea either, sorry.