Searching in docs for 1.6 is not working

Hi there,

as title says. It appears like searching is disabled for 1.6 documentation. It can’t search for any words. Example:

Hi @marbaa

I was able to replicate that. Not sure yet if this is a bug or a feature. Will check with the docs team.

What you can do is search for the term in the “Latest” version, find the article you’re looking for and then open the 1.6 version. (Maybe this is the intended way, albeit it is somewhat unintuitive)


THX for the hint, Elias, we just discussed it in the docs meeting. This seems to be a side effect of the docs being crawled by FESS without explicitly specifying the 1.6 tree as a starting point. Instead of tinkering with FESS, we will accelerate the planned switching to a static index that is generated each night when the docs tree will be updated. This will probably happen during January. Until then your workaround of searching in the “Latest (2.0.0)” tree is the best way.


Yup, I’m doing it this way for longer time.


Any progress on this? We are in the middle of march :slight_smile:

I know that the search is being worked on, but whether this specific issue is, I am not sure.

It seems to persist, I just tried it.