Service Configuration for many Hosts


I have a Folder with 200 Hosts.
After adding them to the folder ping is working but i want do monitor some services.
I configured one hoist with all the services i want.
Is there a possibility to create a rule or something else for the folder so all hosts in this folder have the same monitoring(services and warn levels)

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The selection of services is configured via the ruleset “Disabled services”, everything else with parameter rulesets for the specific services: Host and service parameters - Understanding and using rules in Checkmk

“Bulk Discovery” may also be a topic of interest here: Understanding and configuring services - Detecting and monitoring elements of a host

this mean the way of configuring the system like mentioned above does not exist
every time i add a host i have to do a service discovery.

I was looking for Disk IO SUMMARY and PostgreSQL DB postgres size but these services do not exist in services.
On a host configured manually they do exist and show the values i want.