Settings recommended for a VM with Check_Mk 1.6 Raw Edition


We are monitoring our IT infraestructure with Check_Mk 1.5 with around 1100 hosts. We want to upgrade to 1.6 Raw Edition. Wich mininum settings are recommended for a VM with this version? Nowadays our 1.5 runs in a Debian 9 VM with 5 cores and 4GB RAM

Thanks in advanced.

There are many factors involved.

  • is your check interval 1min or more?

In some bigger systems i can say the 1.6 needs around 25-50% more CPU with the RAW edition.
RAM is not the issue only CPU :slight_smile:

Hello Andreas,

Right now our check interval is the default for the 1.5 Raw Edition. More than a 1min between checks wouldn’t be recommended for us.

About the number of cores would be a problem neither. We might assign more if this would be necessary.


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