Share your thoughts about Checkmk 2.0!

Dear Checkmk Community,

It has been a while since we released the new Checkmk 2.0 and you all might have had some time to use it. We would like to hear about your experience using it so far!

We would like to later share your testimonials on our social channels, but we would keep your identity anonymous so you may have the full liberty to share your thoughts.

Here are some guiding questions you can answer:

  • How was the overall process of upgrading to Checkmk 2.0
  • How was your experience of using Checkmk with the new UI?
  • How do you find the new features in Checkmk 2.0?
  • Has Checkmk 2.0 improved your experience in monitoring your infrastructure?

If you would like to share your experience on any other topic, those are welcome as well. Please feel free to share your thoughts by replying here. You can also pm me or contact me at

I am looking forward to hearing about your experience. Thank you!

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Hi Animesh,
I have tried to write a summary

How was the whole process of upgrading to Checkmk 2.0

  • in our case, unfortunately, the upgrade process was not so thread straight from therefore the direct upgrade from 1.6 to 2.0 has not succeeded to date (despite support from our service partner) see forum:
    Mod_wsgi cannot be load after restore on new Server
    since I’ve been working with the systems for a while now, I made a 2.0 site as a distributed site as a workaround and pushed the configuration (doesn’t work 100% but for the most important parameters it worked) then disconnected the site again and did all the rework (1 week of work and still not quite done)

How was your experience using Checkmk with the new user interface?

  • Once you get used to it, pretty good new users definitely find their way around better than the old “Rappids”. What I would like to see in any case is a better multiselect similar to the Thruk interface (by the way Thruk I have on the CMK server as a 2nd GUI running and connected via Livestatus goes quite well and fast !!!). The new dashboard functions are super what I still miss are so simple things like simple buttons for links (Buttons for dashboards) in the dashboards. Also the new graphs are very well done.
  • What is still missing is the possibility to control different settings via roles (Setting default sidebar snapins to a role - #7 by BH2005).

What do you think about the new features in Checkmk 2.0?

  • The new agents are well done
  • Netflow monitoring was also an important point
  • The improved functions for Cloud & Containers are also very good.
  • I could not test the new API yet but it looks good for now.
  • The biggest step was definitely the change to PY3 which still makes a few difficulties but will be fixed soon at the latest
  • Great is in any case the expansion of the label function (auto discovery)( Overview of labels which are in use)
  • What is still disappointing is the parentscan or the possibility to create netmaps. The biggest sticking points would be e.g. the possibility to delete a host although it is parent, The use of LLDP, CDP, FDP for better topology detection (Extending the networkscan & discovery).

Has Checkmk 2.0 improved your experience in monitoring your infrastructure?

  • Well the question is rather subjective from a purely technical point of view the step to 1.6 (but I can only say that because we have changed from the 1.2.8 RAW to 1.6 CEE) was a bigger step forward than from 1.6 to 2.0.
  • Under the “hood” the progress is already better to see (performance !!)
  • The biggest step forward is definitely the GUI.
  • Potential I see also still with the BI (I find e.g. in THRUK also more beautifully solved for applications)
    possibly one should go here more in the direction of Workflow but here it depends also always on the point of view do I want to represent a process or Application or do I want to link components (e.g. alarming for a location Router-Firewall-L3Core-…)

And now still something wish concert which is missing to me still in the CMK would be in any case:

Otherwise I am happy with CMK imho “Best in Class” I have also always a good comparison since I work with our providers also with Nagios XI, Solarwinds, PRTG, Zappix & HP Openview.

Keep up the good work and I am curious about the latest ideas and innovations !!!

Greets Bernd