Sharing local checks to the community

I have created my own local checks for Windows for the following:
IIS Web Applications - reports on each web app hosted in IIS reporting current state and details of the app including URL’s hard drive folder …
Scheduled Tasks - reports on each scheduled task giving current state and full details including Schedule, path to executable file last run time, next run time…
Windows Services - reporting on the current state of the service and details including path to executable file etc.
MSSQL Jobs - reporting in the current state of the Job and details of the Job (this is based on the distributed MSSQL plug-in which seems to report on everything other than SQL jobs)
They work well enough for my requirements but would need a little work to bring up to the standard of a distributable plug-in. I’d like to share these with the Check_MK community - what is the best way to do this?

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this Way:

You are welcome !

I don’t have time at the moment to tidy them and package them. If anyone would like a copy or would like tidy them up and package them then let me know and I’ll zip them and send them. (18Kb zipped)

The SQL Job script would be very easily incorporated into the standard SQL plugin as it is uses the code from it to detect identify the SQL instances etc.

or make your git-repo public …

like lanbugs

or heinlein

and many more