Show check debug output

question, Im trying to fix a Cobian backup monitoring plugin, which no longer works with new Cobian version. What I would need is to see which variables has what values in the core.
When there is an error in the check, I get a crash report where I can easily see the variable values.

How can I see the same without a crash? The thing is the script is giving me unexpected results and I would need to check the values the core see.

Copy the plugin to the local structure.
Add pprint statements to the code.
Run cmk --debug -iiv to debug inventory and parse functions.
Run cmk --debug -vvv --detect-plugins to debug the parse and check function.

Hi mike,
thanks for reply, but Im not sure how you mean it.
Id like to debug a single check named cobian_backup.

The first command you shared shows nothing interesting, the second one just shows help (I guess bad syntax).
Cheers L

Already got it, thanks for the hint. Using
cmk --debug --vvv --check MYSERVER
does the trick.

Note that --check is depricated