Simple check counting all runing processes on windows , need help

Hello community,

I’m facing so simple need, i feel confuse not being successful to achieve it:

I want monitor the current number process runing on my windows, because something shit happens and some app start having strange behaviour like and popup themselves infinitly until get all the server ressources because some buggy race condition etc…

Ok i found some rules / manual check, about counting , but they requiere specify a process name ( i just want counting all existing process)
[State and count of processes ]
[State and count of processes (only SNMP)]
i found also a plugin check [Number of threads] but it seems need something should be added to the agent…

I googled and been told about a wmi .bat plugin to add, but in my version 1.6.0p13 raw edition, i don’t find it.

How can you advise me achieve that simple check please?


In the ruleset, you should also have the option for “Process Matching: Match all processes”.
I just tried it, works as expected.

You need to give this new check a name, of course. Perhaps that’s what confused you?
Turn on the online (context) help - “book” icon on the top right.
Then you see the description for this input field: “This name will be used in the description of the service”
Yes, this should probably be called “service name” instead.

So just enter something like “all”, then you’ll get a new service called “Process all” with the count you wanted.

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Hi , and other,

By the way one week i added my process check and run smoothly, thank you.

But, even the metric seem to be correctly reported, there is no graph generated (which make the work a bit more difficult to adapt the correct level with history)
Is there any option i didnt see to check? or a cmk command to force the graph generation ?

Service Metrics
Processes: 182
Service check command check_mk-hr_ps
Service performance data (source code) processes=182;220;270;;


Could the perfdata be the explanation ? (only 3 values, missing the two last one - min and max references )

but so is there any way ( a rule / a mk file processed / a plugin file ?) where i could inject thoses 2 values ( like 0,500), for the graph start generating ? i look into share/check_mk/checks/hr_ps but i didnt see any perfdata sent from this one… so i suspect perfdata added from somewhereelse…


Or is it a limitation from the CMK Raw edition ? …

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