Snmp devices: stale until manual reload checkmk-service via wato


can anyone tell me, if there´s a difference between manual reload of checkmk-service (wato) and automatic reload in background by system defaults?

I have some switches, nas (snmp-devices) that are randomly stale (yes, yes, duration of the check scratching the 60sec deadline and i really don´t know why :frowning: ) . Some are stale since 3 or 4 days, but even if i reload the service manually, check is ok, devices/service not stale anymore. Perhaps in a few days, who know´s…

Setup: distributed, raw 1.6.0p9, docker, snmpv2

Scince this project (Roll Out Distributed Monitoring in healthcare environment), i start hating
snmp :wink:

No one? damn… :slightly_frowning_face:

I am also interested in this -
regarding staleness - check, if the devices use snmpv1 or v2 and not v2c.
I had v1 only devices that take weeks to query. Activating v2c did it there.

For more - there must be others out there with more experience.

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Thank you for input… try it tomorrow…

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