Some fundamental things are super annoying

Just again that API using python format instead of JSON…

"(5671, {'cert_days': (14, 7), 'ssl': True, 'svc_description': 'test'})"

…something like that is so difficult to put as options in an Ansible task for example… Here also the order that the first value is only the port but all other options are put then in one whole “dict” {.....}
Furthermore the API could tell what is wrong and not just say to have a look into the error.log.

Fundamental problem which are still there although reported several times and long long time ago - and which makes even the “unfortunately often needed” debugging worse…

  • If there is a process/job in state running in the “background jobs” view then the page is reloaded all the time - so this site cannot be used then
  • No filter in “crash reports” view
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@LaSoe yeah I know about that thread and was thinking about if it is the right place or better separate because it is specific… but maybe I am gonna put it later there too :slight_smile:

I have moved this from General into Feedback. Please use the thread linked above by Lars for any further generic/fundamental feedback.

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