Sonciwall package update

What is the best way to get the SonicWall package updated to support 2.0? I personally do not have the skill required.

I made the four sonicwall checks 2.0 ready on my github Check_MK-Things/check plugins 2.0 ready/sonicwall at master · Yogibaer75/Check_MK-Things · GitHub

This is not a complete conversation to the new check API only that the checks are running without error also with 2.0 :wink:

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Wow! That is great!

Thank you so much.

Sorry, one question.

Do I just pull down your version and overwrite the files from the original package? And what path should they be placed in?

The installed files should be on your system inside the folder
With my files you need to replace these four files from the original package.