Split huge site / Distributed monitoring


I’m trying to split our monitoring because of lag in wan performance.
I’ve setup a distributed monitoring. Transfer of the configuration works.
We have 600 hosts with about 9k services.
But when moving a host via “monitored on site” to the new satellite the host has no services.
I’ll have to do an services scan and touch every host.

How can I transfer all hosts including services.

Thank you in advance


Hi Marco,
you can rsync/copy files from ~/var/check_mk/autochecks/ to the respective folder on your slave site.
If you also want to keep the performance data going, also sync ~/var/check_mk/rrd/ (CEE) or ~/var/pnp4nagios/perfdata/ (CRE)

Hello gstolz,

This wokted like a charm
thank you.


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Hello gstolz,

thank you for the hint

really welcome