Squid 1.4 mkp on checkmk 2.0

Has anyone got the squid 1.4 mkp running on checkmk 2.0?

I get this error:

Error precompiling checks for host xxxx: Cannot find check file check_squid needed for check type check_squid

Hi @DirkLaurenz

I couldn’t find any trouble.
How did you installed the package ?

Can you see these files after installation ?


@ricardoftribeiro looks like you have installed the version from the exchange (v1.1.)

With version 1.4 of the squid package the output from the find comand looks like this:

~/local/share/check_mk$ find ./ -name *squid*

So there is no check_squid file in the package, also if you have a look at the github repository this file is missing.

The second thing i noted after installing squid_1.4.mkp, thre is an error in the wato file.

Loading "/omd/sites/build/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato/check_squid.py" failed: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'allow_empty'

You can fix this by removing the ‘allow_empty=False,’ from the wato file.

@DirkLaurenz For know you can try your luck with the version from the exchange or contact the author of the package to fix this.


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Hi all.

Were you able to fix that problem? Because I’m currently running into the same issue.

Best regards,

no, I wasn’t able to fix that

@DirkLaurenz & @Lars_Wagner finaly after some time I have rewritten the squid plugin for CMK2.1.x.
If you like to try it out, you can download it from here