SSO or CAS authentication system

Good Morning,

Is it possible to integrate the checkmk with a SSO or CAS authentication system?



You can use LDAP

Hi @a3093,

SSO is currently on the Roadmap of Checkmk. You can have a look here → The Checkmk Roadmap

We plan to support SAML for Single Sign-On.

Although you can already use LDAP or integrate Kerberos Authentication but Kerberos is not officially supported by Checkmk.

A single sign-on to the GUI of Checkmk with Kerberos is not officially supported by Checkmk, but you can easily set it up yourself.

You can read more about Kerberos here → Single sign-on with Kerberos
More info on LDAP can be found here → User management with LDAP/Active Directory

Hope this helps. :v:
Greetings Norm


Thank you very much @Norm and @Flolo

Our checkmk is currently connected to LDAP, but now they are interested in connecting it to CAS or SSO. I wanted to know if there was any option.

Interesting to know that SSO is currently on the Roadmap.